Industrial style

Project Preferro

This contemporary home really offers a sense of a stylish, modern mansion house but with an industrial twist. The high, double steel doors connect the various spaces with one another without closing them off. The heavy duty parquet floor runs through into the various rooms. You get a great sense of space. Robust, bronze handles …

Industrial style

Project AA+ Ontwerpbureau & Van Mourik Keuken & Interieur

This exclusive kitchen is a fabulous example of the timeless style where rustic materials are set within a contemporary design. The various materials have been combined so artfully that you will be blown away by the result. When it comes to handles, they have chosen one model but in a range of materials. This can …

Industrial style

Fabriek 61: a unique event location with industrial design.

The founders of Fabriek 61 – Dries Vinck and Liesbeth Spruyt – spent quite some time looking for a spacious building with character. Dries heads up a web and graphic design agency and Liesbeth creates contemporary, conceptual paintings under the name Studio Spruyt. Fabriek 61 is therefore the perfect reflection of their creative characters and …

Industrial style

Project Zott

Im charmanten bayerischen Städtchen Mertingen befindet sich die Molkerei Zott mit Factory-Outlet und Café im industriellen Stil. Zott ist nicht nur wegen der Erzeugung von Joghurt, Nachspeisen und Milchgetränken, sondern auch von Hart- und Weichkäse bekannt. Das stimmungsvolle Café zeichnet sich durch die Verwendung roher Materialien wie Ziegel, Metall und Holz aus. Die Theke und …

Industrial style

Project ‘t Hoogehuys – Kitchen file Wonen Landelijke Stijl

Own design Pascalle and Patrick Smeets live in Kessenich (BE) in what you could call their ‘official residence’. They had this built seventeen years ago, according to their own design, and also took care of the interior and finish themselves. The pair are the owners of ’t Hoogehuys, a company with two furniture/lifestyle stores. Pascalle …

Industrial style

Project Locas – Tramstatie

In the ‘Tramstatie’ project, work centred around subtle earthy shades with an occasional detail in black. The Dauby handles which were used (PTT in Aged Iron from the Pure® collection) are perfect for those small details in black. The entire home is built around the following shades: concrete grey, natural wood, and black and white …

Industrial style

Project La Fabrique – New-build house

This home clearly demonstrates that a new-build can be a complete experience. The residence had to exude warmth but be a little daring all at the same time. We wanted to create a home which couldn’t be figured out in one glance. It had to be exciting and surprising. The client’s colourful personality also had to …

Industrial style

Project Mereno – Worchester old timber kitchen

The timber used to build this rugged industrial style kitchen is hundreds of years old and was brought over from Indonesia to the Netherlands by the client quite some time ago. It was carefully stored for years on end, with a view to turning it into something worthwhile at the right time. There is nothing …

Industrial style

Project AA+ Design Agency – Gooiland villa Veluwe

AA+ are experts at creating luxury Campine and Gooiland villas. For this project, it was decided to go for a classic rustic style yet contemporary design. The curved steel trusses with oakwood girders were also used in the kitchen. Attention went out to every detail. Dauby’s furniture fittings as seen on the kitchen units are …

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