Are you designing your new home? Or are you looking to renovate your current interior? Don’t overlook the subtle accents if you want to give your place a real facelift.

If you want to add a characteristic touch both indoors and out, new door fittings are the perfect solution.

Door levers, hinges and knobs may seem like minor details, but they really make a difference.

In the past, no real attention was paid to the importance of picking the right door fittings, but today the right fittings can add the cherry to a beautifully designed cake.

Looking for unique door levers, knobs or pulls that are cast to lie beautifully in your hand? With Dauby, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a wide variety of door fittings, from rustic, through retro, to modern.

All of which are crafted in our traditional workshops, with all detailing finished by hand.

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To guide you through the world of door fittings, we have provided all the information you need to make the right choice!


1. What are door fittings?

The term ‘door fittings’ covers much more than just the range of door levers for your internal and external doors.


This term encompasses anything that is used in or around your doors. This could include:

back plates
house numbers
letterbox flaps

There’s a lot to think about when you are ‘just choosing door levers’, when you decide to change your door fittings, or when you want to make sure everything is harmonised.

2. What should you focus on when buying new door fittings?

Most people choose door fittings using the following criteria:

  1. The material must be lie comfortably in the hand.
  2. The fitting must offer a beautiful finish and add a touch of class to your home.
Deurklink PH1920 in zwart bij Lommers Meubelen

There are a few vital elements to be considered when buying new door fittings for your internal or external doors.

A few of these elements are outlined below:

  • Material choice: the outside of your home often has a lot to put up with due to weather conditions compared to the inside of your home. Also, not every material is suitable for a damp environment. Take this into account when choosing outdoor fittings or handles for your bathroom door!
  • Security: there is not enough focus on burglary protection when choosing fittings for external doors. Many people believe that burglary prevention is anything but aesthetically pleasing, but nothing could be further from the truth! At Dauby, we know exactly how to combine security with design.
  • Space: a door pull takes up more room than a doorknob or handle. Are you looking for door fittings for a door in a small space? It is vital to adjust your choice accordingly. It could be that there is too little space on your door profile so there are some fittings you can’t use. But, at Dauby, we consider every aspect and can also supply smaller rosettes.
  • Hinges: in order to create a harmonious, overall look, it is important that the door hinges are the same colour as the door fittings. Windows, however, are usually chosen beforehand. So always let the door manufacturer know that the colour of the hinges will be communicated at a later date. The same applies to toilet doors. We have a special range for toilet doors (child-friendly and easy to use) and a door manufacturer must ensure that the lock can be installed in the toilet door.

Our team helps us to account for all these issues and, as well as functionality, also focuses on the look & feel of your interior.

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3. Door fittings for internal doors

Want to give your internal doors a makeover or add a touch of personality? It doesn’t always have to be a difficult task. With the right details, you can easily change the look of your dream interior!


The most important rule of thumb for fabulous interior design is the match between your door and the internal door fittings. A rustic or trendy door lever or doorknob can make a huge difference.

Maybe you have a contemporary interior, for example, and want to carry this harmonious look & feel through to the rest of your home? Then, stick with the same trend and go for matching, contemporary door fittings for your internal doors.

Maybe your home is dominated by a nostalgic atmosphere? Then you should probably go for a rustic or retro finish.

4. Sliding door fittings

As well as the usual internal doors with hinges, nowadays sliding doors are also popular in various interiors. At Dauby, we offer a range of practical and attractive sliding door fittings.

Schuifdeurbeslag van Dauby
Schuifdeurkom Dauby

The advantage of sliding doors is that they don’t need as much room and are therefore ideal for smaller spaces.

You can also use glass doors to create a sense of space, without creating a real division in your rooms. It’s a real win-win!

With tilt & turn doors, your best option is tilt & turn handles as these usually have to be installed on an existing lock housing and tilt & turn mechanism. Tilt & turn handles by Dauby will fit on these locks easily so you can replace your tilt & turn handle using the same materials as you have used on the internal doors, window and furniture fittings.

Hefschuifgrepen van Dauby

Just a regular sliding door rather than a tilt & turn? In that case, an ordinary door handle or shell will allow you to open your door.

5. Door fittings for external doors

The fact that your entire interior complements your taste and perception speaks volumes. It is your home and should make you feel happy and offer a place where functionality and beauty come together.

But, have you ever thought about the style that is created by the door fittings on your external doors, and the first impression that is offered to passers-by and visitors? Your door functions as a real ‘calling card’? Choosing a unique door handle or knob lets you showcase your front door at a glance!

Voordeurbeslag Fabriek 61

Dauby has various authentic door handles, pulls and bells in its range, in various styles to add a touch of class to your front door.

Classic or modern, design or retro; you’ll find all the diverse styles of door fittings for your external doors at Dauby. Give your front door the classy finish it deserves with a stylish door handle or door knob by Dauby!

6. Craftsmanship comes first in a unique casting process

You need to take your time when choosing traditionally crafted door, window or furniture fittings. You make this choice because you value authenticity and have an eye for detail in your interior.

As already mentioned above, all our products are manufactured in traditional studios. Every item is cast in sand moulds and then finished by hand, down to the tiniest details. It is a centuries-old production process, which unavoidably leads to minor imperfections.


These imperfections create an authentic appearance and unique character in all our products.

At Dauby, we always focus on the quality of our products. Our door fittings are crafted from top quality, natural materials. Materials such as bronze, wrought iron and white bronze need very little maintenance.

They are also robust and durable materials that improve with age. This means you won’t have to replace your door fittings any time soon!

Let us inspire you

Now you’ve read this information, do you need to find a little inspiration in our products? A picture, of course, says a thousand words! That’s why we recommend you take a look at our page of completed projects:

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Our blog also provides further information about door fittings and more inspirational images:

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