Fabriek 61: a unique event location with industrial design.

The founders of Fabriek 61 – Dries Vinck and Liesbeth Spruyt – spent quite some time looking for a spacious building with character. Dries heads up a web and graphic design agency and Liesbeth creates contemporary, conceptual paintings under the name Studio Spruyt.

Fabriek 61 is therefore the perfect reflection of their creative characters and enables the professional activities of this dynamic power-couple to be combined within one building.

The authentic site, which was a former chocolate factory in Ranst, serves as a home but also offers gallery and event spaces.

The result is breathtaking. Fabriek 61 has expanded to become an atmospheric event location with an industrial look where Dries and Liesbeth can welcome up to 48 people. Without making any compromises in terms of welcome or beauty.

They have created an interior that feels natural, subtle and minimalist. The surprising colour accents in the paintings by the Antwerp label Studio Spruyt offer a refreshing, dynamic touch and bring greater depth to the overall look & feel.

The natural simplicity and authentic design are reflected in the tiniest details: from carefully selected pieces of furniture to top quality and sustainable door, window and furniture fittings by Dauby.

Industrial design, natural interior

Fabriek 61 is the perfect symbiosis between an industrial design and a natural interior. Dries and Liesbeth have gone for authentic and natural materials that radiate calm and simplicity and offer the necessary inspiration. At Fabriek 61, you feel at home right away!

Studio Spruyt

In order to break up the austere, industrial design with a refreshing, contemporary colour injection, the building also serves as a trendy gallery space and show-home which beautifully sets off the conceptual paintings from Studio Spruyt. A daring combination that also offers just the right dose of inspiration!

Among the extensive collection of artworks, you will find paintings that make you think of

  • monochrome works;
  • black-white prints;
  • yellowed drawings;
  • paintings which comprise multiple canvases;
  • frayed wall rugs.

One glance is not enough to really take in the different details, colour accents and textures. The various dimensions in these eye-catchers will undoubtedly offer another aspect with every glimpse. This is due to the paintings being made up of multiple layers that are then rubbed down to reveal the canvas or texture.

That eye for detail is visible throughout the interior of Fabriek 61.

Dauby supplied durable door, window and furniture fittings for every room of this magnificent site with its industrial charm. There is a story behind every item.

Chemin de Fer

The railway handle or the historic Chemin de Fer model was designed at the end of the 19th century. This stunning door knob was widely used in the luxurious Orient Express, the greatest symbol of the stylistic transition to modernity.

In Fabriek 61, the railway handle in White Bronze is used for the double door in the corridor.

This authentic model also returns in the dressing area; the butterfly knobs from the Pure® line by Dauby add a playful touch to the overall look. This collection also drew its inspiration from the classic Chemin de Fer model.

Tom Lenaerts

The front door is fitted with sleek Dauby door knobs in White Bronze, which can be found in the collection by Belgian designer Tom Lenaerts. Simplicity and functionality are central.

The light colour of the pure bronze is a great addition to the black, painted woodwork.

On the second floor of Fabriek 61, the White Bronze window and door fittings are also by Tom Lenaerts. On the ground floor, for the front windows, Liesbeth and Dries chose espagnolettes in Raw Metal.

This home-grown design talent goes by the mantra ‘form follows function’ and this results in no-nonsense designs with a raw finish and minimalist lines.


Bauhaus, an academy for architecture and design, was set up shortly after the First World War. The style symbolises the emergence of industrial design and triggered a worldwide reverberation of the modernist school of thought.

Dauby, with its retro models, offers an ode to this sleek design style which prioritises form and function. We find the PH1928 window fittings throughout the premises in Raw Metal and Aged Iron:

On the first floor, the Bauhaus Doorknobs in Raw Metal were used to add an elegance and minimalistic cachet to the authentic, white painted internal doors.

Toilet deurbeslag Fabriek 61 - Bauhaus

Coming home to a welcoming, industrial design

Dries and Liesbeth want to create a raw, industrial design with Fabriek 61, while simultaneously using calm and natural elements. Subtle, minimalist and light with surprising, colourful paintings as a finishing touch.

In collaboration with architect Isabelle Maes, a genuine design gem has been realised. The pure character of this site is expressed in the strong contrast between dark and light and the use of warm, natural materials. A surprising mix that has worked beautifully.

Dries and Liesbeth had a clear vision when they took on Fabriek 61: make sure everything works, even down to the tiniest details. Throughout the home, even the toilets and bathrooms have had a complete makeover with the necessary dash of sophistication.

These areas were fitted with stylish accessories from Dauby that respect the overall look & feel. The toilet on the second floor is equipped with a toilet brush holder and toilet roll holder in White Bronze.

Fabriek 61 - badkameraccessoires toilet

This stunning, warm material is also found in the bathrooms on the second floor. They have a handy rod with short supports and closed hooks so that all bath towels can be dried easily.

Fabriek 61 - badkameraccessoires Dauby in Wit Brons

In the toilet and bathroom on the first floor, there is a nod to the typically weather-beaten look offered by Aged Iron; a perfect addition to the pure, industrial design. In the toilet, there is a toilet roll holder and a toilet brush holder by Dauby. In the bathroom, there are austere coat hooks for hanging bathroom textiles.

Fabriek 61 badkamer - kapstokjes in Verouderd Ijzer / Zwart

The dual toilet area on the first floor has been meticulously kitted out with matching toilet accessories for an extra luxurious look. The toilet brush holder is made of Aged Iron, the toilet roll holder is in Raw Metal.

Authentic fittings in natural materials

Behind the Dauby fittings, there is a passion for

Each item is produced using sand moulds. This creates a surface with a raw finish and small imperfections. The fitting is then finished by hand. The result is perfect for the industrial design at Fabriek 61.

Fabriek 61 - meubelbeslag keuken in Ruw Brons

The natural materials add a warm touch throughout the premises. White Bronze offers an elegant, silvery colour. Just like other materials, White Bronze also provides a living finish. It develops a matte patina as it is used. Aged Iron and Raw Metal give an extra boost to the industrial look.

Authentic designs that add a little history all of their own and provide a ‘calling card’ for Dauby. The window, door and furniture fittings tell the story and bring the past to life in any interior.

Ready to shape your interior dream down to the tiniest details, just like Dries and Liesbeth? Contact us for more information or find your nearest distributor.

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