Neo rustic style

Project Martens & Dochters – Luyckx

Hand-made kitchens Martens & Dochters is headed up by Marjon, an enthusiastic interior stylist who developed a love for hand-made and authentic kitchens at an early age thanks to her father’s influence. There was a time they ran the business together but Marjon has had her hand on the tiller since 2012, with technical assistance …

Industrial style

Project AA+ Ontwerpbureau & Van Mourik Keuken & Interieur

This exclusive kitchen is a fabulous example of the timeless style where rustic materials are set within a contemporary design. The various materials have been combined so artfully that you will be blown away by the result. When it comes to handles, they have chosen one model but in a range of materials. This can …

Neo rustic style

Project Stylexclusief – Stylish apartment in Rijswijk

Any traces of stuffy offices have been entirely eliminated; these stylish apartments are now bathed in light. The use of warm and natural materials and a genuinely sleek design have created a unique and pleasant space in which to live. Here and there, you may find an authentic detail such as the aged wood of …

Neo rustic style

Project Noterman

Light and space define the décor of this old rectory. Although the rectory has been given a complete makeover, and the interior design has become sleek and subtle, the warm and natural materials provide the unifying elements. Marble and light, natural wood combined with a great deal of white natural stone: these warm materials provide …

Neo rustic style

Project: Denys – Restorations of the Stock Exchange (Handelsbeurs) in Antwerp.

The Stock Exchange in Antwerp is steeped in history. The renovation of the site was meticulous, down to the smallest details, in order to retain the building’s authenticity as effectively as possible. In the past, the neo-Gothic Stock Exchange has functioned as the city library, Academy for Fine Arts and, later, as a concert hall …

Neo rustic style

Project Metaal op Maat – Farm West-Flanders

The gorgeous wrought iron elements imbue the farmstead with a sleek rustic style cachet. These large yet sophisticated constructions deliver superior aesthetic added value. Which stands to reason, as Metaal op Maat brought over twenty years’ specialist experience to bear on this marvellous project. The myriad of wooden elements, such as gates, (support) beams and …

Neo rustic style

Project Derk – Oude Bisschopweg

In this impressive interior, Derk succeeded in creating stunning harmony between sleek and rustic styling. The furniture pulls and door fittings in the sleek, rustic kitchen are supplied by Dauby and provide genuine added value to the look. The Art Deco furniture pulls in the kitchen reflect the rustic aspect while the modern door fittings …

Industrial style

Project AA+ Design Agency – Gooiland villa Veluwe

AA+ are experts at creating luxury Campine and Gooiland villas. For this project, it was decided to go for a classic rustic style yet contemporary design. The curved steel trusses with oakwood girders were also used in the kitchen. Attention went out to every detail. Dauby’s furniture fittings as seen on the kitchen units are …

Neo rustic style

Project Atelier Op Zolder – New-build Farmhouse

This new-build residence has seamlessly integrated authentic elements, such as the wooden beams which set the tone in every room. You instantly feel the space which is created by the lines. Atelier op Zolder demonstrates how creative it can be with space, throughout the entire project. The bathroom, bedroom, but also living room with integrated …

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