Daring contrasts and warm materials

This exclusive kitchen is a fabulous example of the timeless style where rustic materials are set within a contemporary design. The various materials have been combined so artfully that you will be blown away by the result. When it comes to handles, they have chosen one model but in a range of materials. This can be seen on the kitchen cupboards, which use the butterfly furniture pull from Pure PMBU in Aged Iron (black), and on the drawers opposite, where the same variant is used in warm Raw Bronze. The furniture pulls are used in different lengths according to the size of the cupboards, creating a playful look. The towel holder on the kitchen island from Pure Plus is completely harmonised with the kitchen furniture pulls and is a vital element of the overall kitchen.

Design: AA+ Ontwerpbureau

Execution: Van Mourik Keuken & Interieur 

Dit bericht werd vertaald met de steun van Flanders investment & trade

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