Own design

Pascalle and Patrick Smeets live in Kessenich (BE) in what you could call their ‘official residence’. They had this built seventeen years ago, according to their own design, and also took care of the interior and finish themselves. The pair are the owners of ’t Hoogehuys, a company with two furniture/lifestyle stores. Pascalle is the stylist, Patrick is the interior designer. One of the stores is housed in an old customs office, where the interiors have a rural/industrial atmosphere. In the other store, at their home, they showcase robust, rural interiors.

Official fittings

The island is the central feature in the kitchen. Patrick created this exceptional combination using iron, glass, wood and composite. At the end of the island, you can see glass corners with drawers and an iron frame. The wooden drawers have been sprayed with a coat of iron. This is then followed by an oxidation process that lasts 3 weeks that ultimately gives this industrial finish. The oak kitchen cabinets were custom-made by Patrick in his workshop and stained black.


The fittings used are square knobs from Dauby. This brand supplies fittings in metal alloys, such as bronze and iron. Pascalle: “The other furniture handles in the kitchen also come from the Dauby collection, just like the tiles behind the hob.” These are materials which complement one another perfectly. The combination of different variants is certainly eye-catching. On the cabinets set against the walls, Pascalle opted for Raw Bronze; the copper shade beautifully complements the warm tints of the wood and façades. The furniture handles on the island are also made of Raw Metal. The raw, unfinished surface of these furniture handles perfectly matches the robust worktop and the bluestone floor. The bluestone is also reflected in the joint between the island worktop and the frame above the hob. These elements may not necessarily stand out from the crowd but they do help to create atmosphere.

This is how one of ’t Hoogehuys’ customers puts it: “My kitchen is a dream. And I never want to wake up!”

In collaboration with ‘t Hoogehuys & Wonen Landelijke Stijl

Photography: Hagemeijer Fotografie 

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