Earthy shades that create a pleasant, holiday ambiance

In the ‘Tramstatie’ project, work centred around subtle earthy shades with an occasional detail in black. The Dauby handles which were used (PTT in Aged Iron from the Pure® collection) are perfect for those small details in black.

The entire home is built around the following shades: concrete grey, natural wood, and black and white detailing.

The bathroom is also a lovely blend of these shades and helps to create a genuine holiday feeling.

The shower is decorated in Aqua Sensa from Boss Paints and combined with a grey ceramic floor.

The PTT handles from the Pure® collection are the perfect accessory for modern, rural designs. They add the touch of sleekness which is required in this type of design. The PTT hook is also used on the wall in the bathroom as it sits perfectly alongside the handles on the furniture.

In collaboration with Locas

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