Want to renovate your home, right down to the tiniest details? Then don’t forget to focus on suitable window fittings.

You open and close your windows every day so it is important to choose window fittings that are both durable and top quality. And because you use them every day, your new window fittings must lie comfortably in your hand.

Do you dream of an interior where everything is perfect, from A to Z? Then take a look at Dauby’s range of authentic window fittings. Our window handles, lift and slide handles and other window accessories are all genuine eye-catchers that will be an asset to your interior.

They will add a touch of class to both the outside and inside of your home. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic or industrial look: Dauby has suitable window fittings for all interior styles.

Looking for new window fittings? Find your match in our catalogue!

To support you in the choice of your window fittings, from start to finish, we will explain all of the various focus areas in detail.

1. What are window fittings?

The term ‘window fittings’ doesn’t just include the handles that you use to open the window. The term window fittings refers to everything you need to open, close and lock your window.

This includes:

window handles;
window levers;
lift and slide handles;

Whether you need furniture fittings for your kitchen window or for the sliding door in your bedroom, you are bound to find what you need at Dauby.

2. What are the most important features of window fittings?

When buying new window fittings, there are a few things to bear in mind. In the first instance, most people focus on two areas when choosing new window fittings:

  1. style and finish
  2. design ergonomics

We want to focus on a few features that are important when buying new window fittings.

Let’s take a look.

Material choice

When choosing window fittings, it is important that you make sure they complement your door and furniture fittings. Make sure there is cohesion; if you have a rustic, countryside interior, choose natural materials such as Natural Bronze or Rust. If you prefer the industrial look, Aged Iron or Black is the best material choice.

Tip: Don’t forget that natural materials such as bronze develop a patina over time, according to the intensity of use. Black, by contrast, offers a hard-wearing finish.

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Window fittings must not just function well and lie comfortably in the hand. Low-maintenance window fittings will save you time and money. Dauby’s window fittings are easy to clean and need very little maintenance. The only thing you must do is regularly dust with a soft, dry cloth.

Easy isn’t it?


And last but not least: the security provided by your window fittings must be a priority too. Secure window fittings are the perfect complement to burglary-proof glass and sturdy window profiles, and ensure optimum home security.

The materials used by Dauby in its range of window fittings will keep burglars at bay and provide extra-robust security for your home. And without skimping on the aesthetics, of course!

Would you like more information? Our professionals are happy to help you choose. Drop into our showrooms in Wommelgem or find a distributor near you!


In order to create a harmonious, overall look, it is important that the window hinges are the same colour as the window levers. Windows are usually chosen beforehand. So always let the manufacturer know that the colour of the hinges will be communicated at a later date. Then, you can be sure of creating a beautiful overall look.

3. Window fittings for internal windows

In order to fully harmonise your window fittings for internal windows with the rest of your interior, you can choose from a range of styles and materials.

Create a sense of order in your home by matching door, window and furniture fittings to one another. Retro and rustic window fittings create a cosy atmosphere in your home while modern window fittings add class without being crass.

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Whatever style you choose, it’s sure to look amazing with Dauby’s window fittings. They offer the most beautiful designs and the best quality without compromising on security.

4. Window fittings for sliding windows.

An excellent, space-saving solution for your interior? Sliding windows!

To finish off this type of window, we have lift and slide handles in our range. These are guaranteed to provide the necessary sliding ease with a good grip.

In our Pure®-collection, you can find beautifully distinctive lift and slide handles. The straight lines create a sleek design and make for a beautiful combination with natural materials. The plate can be blind or with a cylinder opening, and can be combined with an oval cover.

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5. Traditional materials and unique production processes.

Window fittings from Dauby are easy to recognise due to the authentic character of the materials, the design and finish.

We use the most durable materials which really ‘live’.

The window handles made of bronze, britannia and cast iron become even more beautiful over time. They develop a patina due to usage over the years, and this offers stunning yet subtle colour gradations.

When it comes to the casting process, a centuries-old method is used to create these authentic door, furniture and window fittings. The natural materials are cast in sand moulds and then each and every piece is finished by hand. The production process creates tiny imperfections that also contribute towards creating a unique, artisan look.

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A shot of inspiration

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Find inspiration with the most varied interior trends and styles, and let your imagination run wild with our various collections.

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