Production process

The Dauby Retro range is entirely hand-made.

First of all, the metal is poured into sand moulds, a technique used since 3,000 BC. The products are then finished by hand. The sand mould casting process lends the fittings a rugged surface which exhibits tiny imperfections. As a result, each item is unique and takes on an old, artisanal look.


Metal casting is an authentic process

3000 years before Christ, the tradition of metal casting was formed in Europe. The Tartessians started this tradition, and the trading in casted metals like bronze, silver and copper started booming. They developed techniques to carefully cast these metals in sand molds. A tradition which is continued today by Dauby… This method of sand casting is still used daily at Dauby for manufacturing the retro collections.

Furthermore, the products are finished by hand after the molding process. This gives the collections an authentic and timeless character which differentiates them from the mass product.Each article is made with love for the craft and manufactured traditionally. The products become a more natural and more beautiful patina with the time

The older, the more valuable the product will look.

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