Frequently asked questions

Have you found an item that you would like to buy for your home? We will be happy to put you in touch with a distributor near you.

Come to our showroom in Wommelgem for more information and experience the look & feel of the items.

If you have any questions about a product, you are advised to contact us via the chat
function or our contact form.

All our technical specifications can be found on our website. Search using the item’s name and download the document on the product page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us via the chat function, the contact form or by phone.

Safety fittings with the SKG seal of approval are not featured in our standard range. For specific queries, you can contact us directly.

Can’t decide between different materials? Or not sure what will fit in with your style of interior? You are welcome to visit our showroom in Wommelgem to discover our collections.

Private individuals cannot buy from us directly. Dauby will direct you to the broad network of distributors.

You can return one or more items to us via your distributor or contractor. Ask them for the terms and conditions.

Dauby is one of the few suppliers that can supply door fittings with the appropriate knob cylinder. If you need a knob cylinder, you must provide a few details, such as the type of cylinder lock.

A rotating knob is usually provided for each collection. Contact us for further information.

All our fittings can be used indoors and out, outdoor iron from Créations du Fer.

On our materials page you will find information on:

  • treatments;
  • maintenance;
  • and patina.

Our solid, bronze items are made for life. This material will develop a patina or living finish which adds depth and character, depending on the environmental factors.

The materials used by Dauby each come with specific maintenance instructions. See our
materials guide for maintenance tips for each material.

For each door lever, we have matching keys, rosettes, accessories, and so on. Our
collections seamlessly match one another. Need advice on your interior? Contact us: we will be happy to help.

The closures for gates can be supplied. The assembly, however, cannot always be provided; it depends on how the lock is fitted and which type of gate lock is being used.

The locks are not therefore available but we do supply the fittings for the gate lock.

Yes, all our interior fittings come with suitable installation material.

Our price list will detail which fittings are compatible with glass, thanks to the extra detail ‘glass fitting’.

Door levers are provided for all internal door fittings but can also be used outdoors,
depending on the finish. Not sure? Feel free to get in touch for more information.

Our window fittings are suitable for tilt/turn windows. Another solution is always available for other types of windows. Contact us for customised advice.

The standard door thicknesses for the bolts and installation materials are:

  • 2 cm for furniture doors;
  • 4 cm for internal doors;
  • 7 cm for external doors;

Are your doors thicker? Please mention that when ordering.

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