Eclectic style

A match made in heaven! Valerie Brems and Dauby window handles and door levers.

What began for Valerie Brems ten years ago as a sideline project for expressing her creativity, has grown into a full-time job over the years. As an influencer and Instagram personality, she provides inspiration for a range of followers with a passion for fashion, lifestyle and interiors. Dauby window handles and door levers are ideal …

Eclectic style

Project Serge Anton

…A stunning interior and house project and a unique marriage between authentic and modern! Project “Mon désir” Inspired by the ‘art de vivre’ of the Japanese Wabi Sabi world view, photographer Serge Anton has designed a genuine gem in the Ardennes forests. He has transformed an old family home into a stunning retreat made of …

Eclectic style

Project Ilse De Meulemeester – Trafiroad

Whether you work at home or elsewhere, we all tend to spend a lot of time in our workplace. So you can see why it is worth transforming your home office or, as is the case here, the company offices into a pleasant second home. Ilse’s signature It is downright amazing how Ilse De Meulemeester …

Eclectic style

Project Atelier op zolder – Rotterdam

A trendy residence as an extension of its natural environment with huge spaces. A high degree of comfort and privacy, a pitched roof and plasticity in the brick-work combine with the surprising interior detailing. Add to this the practical and sheltered garden and you have all the ingredients of a luxurious home. During the driest …

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