Beauty is in the details.

And that also applies to furniture fittings that tick all your style boxes. After all, in a perfectly designed kitchen, living room or bathroom, the details are just as important as the overall look. That is why unique and matching furniture fittings are an important factor in the overall layout and design of a room.

And, even if you’re not really aware of them, furniture fittings are seen and used each and every day. The colour, and material choice, depends on the overall look and feel in your home. An industrial interior is the perfect setting for Aged Iron, for example, while Raw Bronze is ideal in a rustic interior.

Dauby’s furniture fittings are available in a range of materials, including:

White bronze
Wrought iron

Interested in another finish for your furniture fittings?

Discover the colours and materials here

1. Choose an original material for an authentic look.

Do you dare to show your true colours with matching furniture fittings? Our collections offer furniture fittings but no two items are the same. Thanks to our unique casting process in sand moulds, all our furniture fittings have a beautiful, authentic finish.

But our material choice is a bit out of the ordinary.

At Dauby, we choose natural materials that are not only durable, but also recyclable. We don’t use cold materials such as brass or chrome; we prefer to focus on traditional materials.

When it comes to a robust and forceful finish, bronze is the best of the best for furniture fittings. White bronze is a real favourite in our range. It is timeless, doesn’t oxidise and requires no maintenance. The material is perfect for timeless, modern interiors. Prefer a more elegant and glossy look and feel? Then our bronze furniture pulls offer the perfect addition to your interior.

Dauby’s furniture fittings are the perfect marriage of tradition and design. Want to know more about what we do best? Check out our materials and collections.

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2. Find out about colours and matching furniture fittings.

Your home almost certainly has a particular colour palette and interior style.

The fact that bronze is a real hit in our range needs no explanation at all. It goes without saying that this material is available in a range of finishes, i.e.

  • Natural Bronze
  • Green Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Bronze
  • White bronze
  • Silvered White Bronze
  • Raw Bronze
  • Raw Bronze Polished
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As well as bronze, we have various other materials within our range.

The silver-coloured Britannium is an alloy of silver and tin. Britannium furniture fittings are not varnished and will develop a patina over time. The advantages of this material is that it offers a ‘weathered’ living finish and low-maintenance. Britannium will become matte over time but, with a little silver polish, the shine can easily be restored.

Black cast iron is on-trend for any interior style.

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Whether you prefer rustic or industrial; black accents match pretty much anything. The cast iron is coated with a black epoxy layer and fades slightly over time but, if necessary, it can be refreshed with black paint that is suitable for cast iron.

Brass or yellow copper is an alloy of copper and zinc. Due to the fact that this hard material is easy to process, it has been used for many centuries and is still a very popular material today. Brass also offers subtle colour changes over time, due to use. The copper in the alloy offers subtle, green colour gradations.

Need more inspiration or not sure which colour matches your interior? See our blog or contact the Dauby team.

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