Bronze door fittings are guaranteed to add an authentic and rustic appearance to any interior.

Bronze is often used for designing door handles and door pulls. And rightly so, because bronze offers a range of advantages. Bronze is not only very robust and antibacterial, it is also highly versatile.

A new era with bronze door fittings

A few years ago, minimalist interiors were setting the tone with sleek forms and sombre colours. Warm, eye-catching fittings, such as bronze were certainly not the focus.

This trend, however, has now been reversed and bronze door fittings are appearing in various houses once again. It offers a touch of warmth to even the sleekest interiors.

Welcome to the new Bronze Age!

Natural materials and authentic production processes

With bronze door fittings, you can easily integrate warmth and cosiness in your interior. Bronze door fittings instantly create a high-class but welcoming atmosphere!

We also go for authenticity, and apply an age-old traditional casting process using sand moulds and genuine, natural materials.

The warm, bronze door fittings are available in

  • Raw bronze: the purest form of bronze, an alloy of copper and tin. Raw Bronze adds warm, coppery shades. After frequent usage, the bronze will become polished, in a natural way, and a light gloss will be created.
  • Raw Bronze Polished is the polished version of Raw Bronze and offers a shiny, smooth, coppery finish. With the passing of time, this will take on a patina which creates a more matte, warmer bronze.
  • Natural Bronze is another alloy of copper and tin. The alloy has a red colour which, as a result of the chemical reaction with oxygen, will develop an oxide layer. The areas that are most exposed to oxygen will become darker and the bronze areas where there is greater rubbing (e.g. human contact) will become lighter. A real living finish!

Inspiration from Art Deco and Art Nouveau

The use of high-class elements in interiors dates from the Art Deco and Art Nouveau period. During this period, stately homes were richly decorated with customised, traditionally cast bronze door fittings, among other things. These robust, solid bronze door fittings exuded pure prestige and were one of the highlights of the period.

Retro collections

The Fama® collection also originates in this Art Deco style. The Natural Bronze finish perfectly symbolises the chic appearance and luxurious feel of the 1920s. The handsome Giara® collection is also available in Natural Bronze.

Contemporary collection

The linear Pure collection® with variants in Raw Bronze & Raw Bronze Polished offers this glamorous, but warm look in your interior.

Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) creates an impressive look in your home and, simultaneously, adds a warm and elegant touch.

Do you want to welcome the new bronze age into your home too? Then the authentic collections from Dauby are the way to go!


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