Dauby’s furniture fittings are unique due to the authentic casting process in sand moulds and the use of natural materials, but also because of the beautiful designs created by leading designers.

From furniture pulls to furniture knobs, the collections by our designers are all developed and crafted with an eye for detail.

As well as our own furniture fittings, which are carefully thought out and traditionally produced using a casting process, big names in the contemporary world of interiors also have a hand in our unique furniture fittings. How about Belgian architect Tom Lenaerts, no less!

Would you like to have pieces from top designers in your home? Find out here how authentic items can take your furniture fittings to a higher level.

1. 100% Belgian furniture fittings from architect Tom Lenaerts

The Antwerp all-rounder Tom Lenaerts is at home in every market, and that is clear to see.

Rustic, timeless or modern: this artistic maestro will tackle every interior style with the necessary finesse. His preference for wood and steel is a clear theme through his work and perfectly complements Dauby’s vision.

The collaboration between this resident of Antwerp and Dauby has been put to good use in the furniture fittings collection that we have developed. This series includes a furniture pull and a furniture knob. The unique interplay between the traditional material and the sleek lines of the design keeps the two features in perfect balance.

His design forms the basis for a range of door, window and furniture fittings which are cast in six materials:

  • Aged Iron
  • Raw Metal
  • Raw Bronze
  • Raw Bronze Polished
  • White bronze
  • Satin White Bronze

Want to find out more? Discover our designer collection furniture fittings by Tom Lenaerts!

Meubelbeslag van Tom Lenaerts

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