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The PH2017 collection

The Dauby Lento collection was designed by Tom Lenaerts, a young and dynamic Belgian architect from Antwerp.


Tom Lenaerts
Designer Tom Lenaerts

As an all-round designer, he can handle any style, from rural chique or timeless to modern.

His passion for wood and steel is the leitmotiv in his work, and he always develops every single detail of his projects, without betraying the basic idea of his creations.

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The perfect balance between Design and Tradition

According to his design, a door handle, window handle, furniture handle and furniture knob have been developed.

This new collection’s design is a sober but timeless one. All the door, window and furniture fittings are cast in sand moulds, just like the Dauby Pure collection.

Deurklink PH2017 Verouderd Ijzer
Door handle PH2017 Aged Iron

“The combination of the brutality of the materials offers the trendy items a characteristic look. This is what makes a Dauby door, window or furniture fitting so powerful. You’re not buying a shiny designer item, but a piece of traditional craftsmanship. As a designer, I take pride in that”, says Tom Lenaerts.

This collection will be available in 6 different materials:

  • Aged Iron
  • Raw Metal
  • Raw Bronze
  • Polished Raw Bronze
  • White Bronze
  • Satin White Bronze

In our online brochure you will find more information and examples concerning the different materials and products:

See the online brochure of the PH2017 collection

“Less is more, form follows function”

For his designs, he returns to the basic idea of an object. And he creates tension by means of penetrating volumes, as you can clearly see in the case of the door handle and the door grip.

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