When you are building or renovating a house, you will be faced with numerous choices. Which colour will you pick for the walls in your bedroom, which material is best for your kitchen worktop? All these elements are really important in terms of the overall look and feel in your home. And that overall look will be even more beautiful with matching furniture fittings in line with your style requirements.

Dauby has furniture pulls and knobs for every interior style. Are you a fan of eclectic styling or do you prefer something a little warmer, with a rustic touch? Discover all the styles that you can find in our range of furniture fittings:

  • Eclectic style
  • Industrial style
  • Rustic style
  • Modern style
  • Sleek, rustic style
  • Timeless style

1. Eclectic style

An eclectic interior is characterised by a combination of style elements from various periods.

What makes this style so unique?

An eclectic style represents freedom, imagination and a hefty dose of daring. It is a mix of styles that are expressed in cohesive elements such as colour, texture, and finish.

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These materials, textures and finishes can also be found in our furniture fittings. From Raw Bronze to Aged Iron; our various collections each offer a unique finish. Our door, window and furniture fittings are all cast in sand moulds and finished by hand.

2. Industrial style

Industrial interior styling needs no explanation. Robust, masculine and no-nonsense; it has a rough-and-ready character and exudes power. Fans of the industrial look often introduce concrete, steel and leather into their interiors.

Darker colours work perfectly with weather-beaten materials. Old pieces of furniture with new fittings are perfect for the industrial look.

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A great addition to your industrial design is Dark Bronze or Aged Iron. In our collection of furniture fittings, you are sure to find the finishing touch for your industrial interior.

However, you must make sure that you don’t create a chilly or unwelcoming atmosphere when adding all these elements to your home. Develop a careful balance and combine glass, wood or composite with the rest of your furniture.

Meubelbeslag in een industrieel interieur

3. Rustic style

In a rustic interior, it’s all about atmosphere, comfort and a warm welcome. The ideal setting to feel at home and wallow in a relaxing environment.

To achieve this style, you can go for earthy shades, mirrors, paintings and beautiful, solid wood.

A kitchens in a rustic style can be finished, down to the smallest details, with furniture pulls or knobs in Raw Bronze, Natural Bronze, or Rust. Need inspiration? See our collections of furniture fittings to integrate a rustic style throughout your home. You will also find all you need for your bathroom, bedroom, living room and hall in our range!

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4. Modern style

Sleek, simple and spacious, that is the modern style in a nutshell.

A sleek and modern design is relatively easy to apply to various rooms and spaces in your home.

What characterises a modern home is geometric and symmetrical shapes and neutral colours in a simple and calming atmosphere.

Modern meubelbeslag

Modern furniture fittings are, of course, the cherry on the cake. Opt for durable and unique furniture fittings that lie comfortably in your hand.

Not sure which finish to choose?

Aged Iron and Black are popular materials for finishing off a modern interior.

5. Sleek, rustic style

Do you love a warm, rustic interior without too much fuss? Set aside all the embellishments and opt for modern lines with a sleek, rustic interior.

In a sleek rustic interior, natural materials and subtle colours still take centre-stage but without the arsenal of decorations and furniture with curves and decorative shapes.

Fancy creating your own contemporary rustic interior? Don’t forget to focus on the details. We even have the perfect furniture pulls or knobs for built-in cabinets!

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6. Timeless style

What comes to mind when you think of a timeless interior? The name says it all! A timeless style stands the test of time and offers a beautiful basic interior with a few personalised accents and well-placed furniture classics.

That doesn’t mean, however, that timeless means boring. You can always reflect your personality in your timeless interior. Do you love a splash of colour? Then create colour accents with accessories.

An accent that can be included within your furniture fittings is a shiny and stylish touch, such as Natural Bronze.

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