Dauby makes the difference in door, window and furniture fittings by following and incorporating the latest trends. We are delighted to set out a few interior trends for 2021 that you can easily apply in your furniture fittings.

The use of warm elements, bronze accents and earthy shades is a trend that is gaining huge popularity in 2020. Another trend is ‘Wabi Sabi’ which showcases the weather-beaten look, unity with nature, imperfections and rough finishes.

Perhaps you prefer classic or timeless? At Dauby, we cater for all interior trends with various styles of furniture fittings. Need a little inspiration? Find out all you need to know about the latest interior trends in furniture fittings below!

1. Interior trend #1: a bronze accent as a recurring theme in your interior

An interior which radiates warmth goes really well with bronze furniture fittings. This natural material is available in a range of colours and styles.

One of the most exceptional features of bronze is that it begins to develop a patina over time. The so-called living finish of this material means that, just like a good wine, it gets better with age. Frequent use of bronze furniture fittings will create stunning colour variations as the item will oxidise naturally.

Our tip? Let nature take its course for a warm and authentic bronze look.

You’ll find our various bronze furniture pulls, handles and shells in the following collections:

  • The Giara®-collection: elegant furniture fittings for a refined interior;
  • The Pure® collection: sleek shapes for modern furniture fittings with character;
  • The Fama® collection: a touch of art deco styling in furniture fittings that combine the best of both worlds.
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2. Interior trend #2: completely durable

At Dauby, we only work with durable materials for our furniture fittings. The unique casting process in sand moulds sits perfectly alongside natural materials and durable materials such as bronze, Britannium and wrought iron.

You’ll enjoy your furniture fittings from Dauby for many years to come!

Meubelbeslag in Britannium

3. Interior trend #3: Wabi Sabi

Every heard of Wabi Sabi? This centuries-old trend came across from Japan in 2019 and is set to really take off in 2020. A few key features?

  • Imperfections in your home;
  • Unity with nature;
  • The beauty of ageing.

The living finish of our natural materials is ideal for the Wabi Sabi-trend. The oxidation process reflects the charm of ageing and ensures a completely unique look for all our natural materials.

Interieurtrends 2020: Wabi Sabi - Serge Anton

Dauby’s furniture fittings are also created using an authentic production process and finished by hand. This creates small imperfections that perfectly match the Wabi Sabi interior trend.

And, thanks to the use of natural materials, your furniture fittings will always be at one with nature. So you can rest assured you’re supporting an environmentally-friendly society!

4. Interior trend #4: back to black

Black furniture fittings fit into a range of styles and interiors. They offer a sleek, robust but classy finish.

The Pure® collection lends itself perfectly to robust, industrial interiors. Prefer furniture fittings that are sleek and welcoming? Then check out our black furniture pulls, knobs and shells.

And you don’t just see black in hard, austere interiors. Black door fittings match any interior style, from rustic to modern. You can combine them perfectly with any colour accents too.

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5. Interior trend #5: the industrial, concrete look

A robust concrete look is ideal for the industrial interior. This rough-and-ready trend is perfectly complemented by furniture fittings in Raw Metal. The result? Robust structures and an authentic look.

Want to see this trend really brought to life? Think about imposing leather armchairs, raw, unfinished beams, iron support pillars or brick walls.

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