Industrial interiors are hot! This autumn/winter, why not cocoon yourself in an interior that is both sleek and welcoming; a look that is not always easy to achieve with many decorative styles.

By simply adding black door levers, black furniture fittings and vintage accents to your home, however, you can instantly create a robust yet warm look.

Sturdy but soft

Industrial interiors have been increasing in popularity for some time; the style is here to stay.

The use of sturdy elements and a functional design is a timeless combination that has already won many hearts in the past.

This season, we have seen people yearning for authenticity and expressing this by combining an industrial, sleek interior with natural materials in door and furniture fittings.

In order to add a warm, homely touch, you can also incorporate a few vintage accents.

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Industrial materials and colours

The on-trend colours for an industrial interior are earthy tones, white and shades of black.

Black door levers and furniture fittings will add a sleek, robust and yet extremely classy touch.
Want to give your industrial interior a softer makeover? Include a few vintage accents.

The perfect materials for adding a touch of vintage include metallic colours and copper tints;

  • Raw Bronze is a unique variant from the Pure-collection which goes through a special tumbling process. The warm, coppery tint is set off beautifully by the raw, unpolished finish. They are stunning in combination with other raw materials and trend colours such as antique rose, moss green or mustard yellow. Raw Bronze is the purest form of bronze and is a real eye-catcher in your industrial interior.
  • Raw Metal will add instant industrial allure to your interior. This concrete-influenced look and design combines beautifully with natural stone, raw, unfinished beams or other, typically industrial elements.

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Industrial design for your door and furniture fittings

The perfect door levers for an industrial interior should be sleek, understated and robust. And that’s no problem for the Pure-collection! Door and furniture fittings from the Pure-collection were inspired by the Bauhaus movement and its functionality and offer sleek designs with natural materials, cast according to the traditional casting process.

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Ideal models include the Bauhaus-models ph1920, ph1928, ph1930 and ph 1925+. Stand out from the crowd with the latest model ph2017 created by Belgian designer Tom Lenaerts, which is simultaneously sleek and refined.
The PHXL is an extra large lever which will add a really robust touch to your door fittings. All of these levers are available in black (VO), in Raw Metal, as well as other materials.

If you’re on the lookout for industrial furniture fittings, you will find a whole range of robust levers and knobs in the Pure-collection:

For those seeking simplicity and restraint, there are the simple PMQ levers and PQ knobs. These are all available in black (VO) and Raw Metal.


Focus on industrial accessories

And don’t forget the accessories when you’re focusing on industrial styling! The Pure tiles-collection can provide a sturdy, refreshing element in this setting. These metal tiles can be used to create a kitchen splash-back or integrated into the kitchen island in various metals, in their square format. Or how about a metal shower wall in your bathroom? Super-trendy, original and completely in line with the homely, vintage look.


And you don’t need to compromise with your other kitchen or bathroom accessories either. The Pure Plus Q includes a completely square collection which is ideal for an industrial interior. The collection comprises accessories such as kitchen rods and toilet roll holders, all of which are available in the desired materials. Sleek, stylish and the cherry on the cake!

Find inspiration in our online catalogues on and create your own industrial interior with black door levers and vintage accents!

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