Do you love genuine design and want to find out about the latest trends in window, door and furniture fittings from Belgium? Then let us show you the firm favourites and the up-and-coming stars in our range. You don’t even need to get out of your armchair. Because creative, innovative and pure Belgian design is available from Dauby!

A few firm favourites of Belgian design

1. The ‘whistle’ from the Pure® collection

Unique, headstrong and typically Belgian design? These furniture knobs from Dauby are the perfect example! PFL27 & PFL30 are our own-design furniture knobs from the Pure® line by Dauby. They are shaped like little whistles and are guaranteed to add a fanciful yet sleek touch to the furniture.

Meubelgreep "het fluitje" - PFL27

This design is available in various finishes and in 2 different sizes (PFL27 – PFL30).

And how about a little whistle in Black Aged Iron (VO) for a sleek, monochrome interior? Or maybe you prefer Raw Bronze Polished (RBP) to add a fabulously chic touch to your furniture? Whatever design you choose, these furniture knobs are bound to add a little ‘Belgi-tude’ to your interior!

2. The stirrup-shaped furniture pull from Pure®

Want to add a hint of Belgian design from the 1930s to your interior? Then let us introduce you to the stirrup-shaped furniture pull PMR from Dauby! This furniture pull is inspired by the characteristic handles from the Cubex kitchens and will certainly add a little nostalgia to your interior.

They are available in Raw Metal, Raw Bronze, White Bronze, Aged Iron (Black) (VO), Raw Bronze Polished and Matt White Bronze for a contemporary twist on a genuine classic!

The Cubex kitchen was the first modern, functional kitchen, and was designed in 1930 by the Belgian architect Louis-Herman De Koninck. The kitchens were made-to-measure and produced, in their entirety, in Belgium.

There is a good chance that your parents or grandparents had an original Cubex unit or kitchen in their home. Glass storage containers for herbs, rounded fronts and chrome stirrup-shaped fittings are iconic elements of these original kitchens.

Cubex keuken meubelbeslag

Meubelgreep geïnspireerd door Cubex

3. Chemin de Fer models

In 1883, the Orient Express was set on the tracks by the Belgian Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits (CIWL). It was the creation of Belgian engineer Georges Nagelmackers, who had set out to make international travel comfortable by designing a type of hotel train. The luxury train carried the very wealthiest people from London to Istanbul.

4. The railway lever: Chemin de Fer

A special door lever was designed for the Orient Express, for the narrow door frames in the first class carriages; the world famous Chemin de Fer model. This asymmetric model comprises an L and a T handle; the T stands for the French word for pull, ‘tirer’, so that passengers knew whether they had to pull or push the door.

Dauby has now breathed new life into the Chemin de Fer railway lever by creating a contemporary collection based on the model. From now on, you can add this iconic Belgian design to your home to complement a classy, rural, sleek or eclectic style. The ‘railway handle’ is surprisingly versatile!

Chemin De Fer spoorwegkruk

Chemin De Fer spoorwegkruk - meubelbeslag in brons

5. PTT and PMT furniture knobs and pulls

The PTT and PMT furniture knobs and pulls were inspired by the original Chemin de Fer model but have had a bit of a makeover. The handle seems to float on the base to create a unique design.

6. The butterfly line from Pure®

Finally, there is also the butterfly line from Pure®, inspired by the Chemin de Fer model, but with a playful touch. The rolling lines and rounded corners of the knobs and pulls exude a sense of serenity which is perfect for a rural style.

Chemin De Fer vlinderlijn - meubelbeslag in landelijke stijl
Realisation: Schoonhoven Keukens
Chemin De Fer vlinderlijn - raambeslag in landelijke stijl
Realisation: Ambiance

New and Belgian design in our range

1. The PH2017 series from Pure®

This new line of door, window and furniture fittings has been designed by Belgian designer and interior designer Tom Lenaerts.

The PH2017 line is sleek and subdued. The products, as always, are crafted using traditional methods, with natural materials and finished by hand. Every item is unique and timeless.

“The power of Dauby lies in combining the brutality of the materials with the sleek lines of the design; I’m a real advocate of this approach I’m happy to incorporate the products into my designs. The products certainly offer imperfections but what I’m really after is a crafted product full of character and that’s what I get with Dauby”, adds the designer.”

PH 2017 meubelbeslag ontworpen door Tom Lenaerts

PH2017 deurbeslag ontworpen door Tom Lenaerts

There’s plenty of choice for those looking for Belgian designs for their homes; made using traditional methods and quality guaranteed!

Need more inspiration? All our models, designs and background information can be found in our online catalogue!

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