Modernistic design

You’ve surely seen these kitchens before? Everyone has seen an original Cubex in their parents’ or grandparents’ home! With glass storage shelves for herbs, rounded fronts and chromed brackets, the original Cubex kitchens are a great example of modernistic design!

Louis-Herman De Koninck

Designed in 1930 by Belgian architect Louis-Herman De Koninck, this was the first, modern functional kitchen. The kitchens were made-to-measure and manufactured entirely in Belgium.

The stirrup-shaped handles were also industrially manufactured in Belgium until the production of these kitchens came to an end. Until Pure® breathed new life into the model! In a world where trends follow on from one another in rapid succession, we love to hark back to the past. These nostalgic elements add an original touch to your interior.


Cubex designs

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