Dauby House Parein

The biscuit factory Cordemans was established in this building in 1890. They later found a new location in the south of the city of Antwerp. In 1895, the Cordemans brand was replaced by the LU brand. But the first petit beurre was made here in the Cordemans factory. After being privately owned for over 100 years, …

Project Paul Rijs & Brosens Interieur

20 years ago, interior designer Paul Rijs rebuilt a semi-open building in Turnhout. The house underwent drastic renovation, during which many dramatic changes were made, both to the interior and the exterior. Last year, the house was in need of refurbishment. The house required painting and a number of alterations, such as improved roof and …

Project Gilyan’s

During a new construction or renovation project, pay as much attention to the finishings in your interior as to the major work. The choice of the right door, window or furniture fittings will work wonders for the look and feel of your interior. To get all these details exactly right, don’t hesitate to call Dauby …


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