Details make all the difference!

During a new construction or renovation project, pay as much attention to the finishings in your interior as to the major work. The choice of the right door, window or furniture fittings will work wonders for the look and feel of your interior. To get all these details exactly right, don’t hesitate to call Dauby in Wommelgem for service and products.

The details often make the difference, and that’s certainly the case for door, window and furniture fittings. To make the right choice for your concept, it goes without saying that you want to choose from all the different options a varied range has to offer. Dauby gives you this option, with handmade retro and designer fittings.



In addition to carefully selected collections from Europe, Dauby also offers its own private label, Pure. Only high-quality materials are used for this range. The designs are available in White Bronze, Aged Iron, Rough Bronze, Rough Metal and Matt White Bronze. Each piece is unique. A traditional method is used to cast these models in sand moulds. After the fittings have been removed from the moulds, they are further finished by hand. And so you have some door handles or furniture fittings. At the same time, ask about the exciting options from the Pure Curtains collections of curtain rods, Pure Tiles for metal and bronze tiles, and Pure Plus for bathroom and kitchen accessories.

Other quality brands are CDF, Giara, Fama and RDS Bronze. Thanks to this range of options, it is now easy to choose the ideal fittings and accessories for your interior or exterior.


Rural & modern

With their own retro models and the design models from top designers such as Philippe Starck and Hannes Wettstein, Dauby has plenty of fitting options suitable for a wide range of building styles and interiors. Do you favour a country style, or feel more at home in a modern environment? With Dauby’s advice, you will discover your most suitable applications. A clear overview of the variety Dauby has to offer can be admired in the beautiful show home of Gilyan’s Interior in Geel.

This interior designer brings together various Dauby collections, including several applications of the PURE private label. This clearly shows how various styles of door, window and furniture fittings can be combined in one project. It enables you to give the bedroom a different look than, for example, the office, but still creating the sense that all the fittings make an ideal match.


Personal service

Because a detailed finish is very important to Dauby, our company will support you with a personalised service.

You are always welcome in the extensive showroom for advice and to compare the models. Our sales assistants are happy to visit your project to discuss all the options. Dauby works closely together with joiners, kitchen builders and interior designers, and other companies in the construction and interiors industry, to supply your home, apartment building or even hotels with stylish door, window and furniture fittings.

In collaboration with Gilyan’s and Home Sweet Home.

Photography : Nick Cannaerts

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