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An introduction

Emmely and Jo bought the ‘De verkeerde wereld’ plot in Oostrozebeke (BE) as a country house. On the site of a former recreation area, they built a brand new farmhouse.

“We soon realised that our new farm would have to be located at this location”, says Emmely, the owner


Quest to find a country house

Emmely and Jo were looking for a country house. At the weekend, they wanted to flee the chaos of the city. Something on the coast or in the Ardennes, that’s what they were after. They set out on a quest for a building plot on which to build a house. That turned out to be harder than they had imagined until ‘De verkeerde wereld’ in Oostrozebeke (BE) came on the market. The site was owned by Minderbroeders priests and was used as a camp-site for youth groups. When they visited the location, they knew it fitted the bill precisely. The farmhouse was located in a green, rural setting, without any electricity pylons or pig farms in the vicinity. The plot covers almost 15,000 square metres. The Mandel flows through the rear of the valley in a large bend, past protected pollard willows and green pastures. A row of Italian poplars that are around 30 metres high dominate the landscape with a certain nobility.

Thinking in advance 

Interior designer Laetitia Deknudt: “The owners contacted me at a very early stage. That was ideal as I was able to add my thoughts when the building process was still under way. This included the position of the bathrooms or kitchen, locations of plugs, lighting and so on. Everything is completely harmonised.”


“Thanks to the old materials that we used, you might think that it is a renovated, authentic farmhouse”, says Emmely, the owner.

Old materials

The farmhouse design includes mainly old materials in combination with materials with a ‘used’ look. As a result, you could think it was a renovated, authentic farmhouse. The sills are made of blue stone with an aged finish. The steps look as if they have been worn over time. All of the interior doors are made from old timber planks. The door to the cellar is an antique door and Emmely picked up the fifteenth century mantelshelf before the building plans were even ready. The interior walls and the stairs are finished with loam.

Throughout the home, grips, knobs and handles from Dauby’s ‘butterfly line’ have been used. Models PBU-45 and PMBU-128 in Aged Iron (VO) on the cabinets and drawers. Door handles PHT and PHL in Aged Iron (VO) are used on the doors and windows. Despite the fantasy in the design, these manage to retain their sleekness. Towel rods are also used in the kitchen and bathroom to add a finishing touch. 

In collaboration with Laetitia Deknudt and the magazine Wonen Landelijke Stijl

Photography: Jonah Samyn 

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