A major transformation of an existing house by interior designer Paul Rijs creates light, luxury and space.

20 years ago, interior designer Paul Rijs rebuilt a semi-open building in Turnhout. The house underwent drastic renovation, during which many dramatic changes were made, both to the interior and the exterior. Last year, the house was in need of refurbishment. The house required painting and a number of alterations, such as improved roof and glass insulation.

At the same time, the residents wanted to give their home a more contemporary look and feel.

Paul Rijs & Dauby 10

After consultations with architect Paul Rijs, it was decided to go for a thorough renovation, and the house was adapted to meet the new needs and standards using the latest technical and aesthetic developments.


In collaboration with Paul Rijs, Brosens Interieur & Home Sweet Home

Photography : Nick Cannaerts – Home Sweet Home

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