There’s no accounting for taste.

You’re sure to have heard the saying and it’s true; personal taste is something that’s not up for discussion.

That is why Dauby, in its collection of window fittings, offers a wide range of materials and colours.

Window fittings are something you touch and use each and every day. In the morning, you open your bedroom window, when the sun shines you throw open your windows…

Window handles don’t just need to lie comfortably in the hand; they also have to add a touch of class to your home. So you really need to know your colours. Do you like warm bronze or prefer cooler materials such as Britannium?

When choosing authentic window fittings, there are a few issues that have to be tackled. We will be happy to help you choose the materials and colour that best suit your interior.

Some of the natural materials in our range are:

  • Bronze
  • Britannium
  • Iron
  • Rust
  • Black

Want to know more? Discover the full range of materials and colours on our website or in our showroom in Wommelgem.

Discover the colours and materials here

1. Window fittings for your home in the perfect material

Whatever materials you choose, your window fittings can be the perfect complement to your interior.

Choose Aged Iron or Raw Metal to add impact to an industrial, robust interior. These materials also look fantastic with light colours and earthy shades.

White bronze, Britannium and Wrought Iron are an asset to every interior, thanks to their timeless class.

Raamklink in Britannium

Prefer a warmer colour such as Natural Bronze? Bronze window fittings have really grown in popularity over the past few years and this is only set to continue.

Not quite sure which materials and colours you prefer? Take your time, but keep these things in mind:

  • Create a complementary overall look. If you choose warm colours for your interior, such as brown sofas and earthy shades on the walls, bronze is the perfect choice. Silver-coloured window fittings work really well with cooler colours.
  • Bear in mind that some natural materials will develop a living finish. This means that the bronze window knobs that you choose today will look different in the not-too-distant future.

2. The living finish of natural window fittings

As mentioned above, Dauby has various materials in its range, each of which offer certain colour gradations over time. This so-called living finish with natural materials will guarantee a unique character in relation to your window fittings.

The colour variations depend on the intensity of use and differ for every window lever and knob. This process of patination or oxidation with natural materials also depends on external factors such as atmospheric humidity and air quality. This phenomenon principally affects bronze window fittings.

Raamklink in Donker Brons

The various bronze finishes are summed up for you here:

  • White bronze
  • Satin White Bronze
  • Silvered White Bronze
  • Raw Bronze
  • Raw Bronze Polished
  • Natural Bronze
  • Green Bronze
  • Dark Bronze
  • Black Bronze

Brass will also discolour over time and become a little duller. That’s because brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Copper oxidises and develops light green shading.

3. Window fittings with a colour-fast finish

Do you prefer the original colour of your window fittings? Below is a guide to a few materials that change colour very slowly or not at all.

Old Pewter changes colour but very slowly. The material starts to become matte and develops darker marks, but this takes a long time. Britannium also takes on a more matte finish over time. Not a fan? You can easily restore the original colour with a little silver polish.

Iron, including Aged Iron and Wrought Iron also doesn’t really show its age. This is because the window fittings in Wrought Iron are protected with a layer or varnish, and Aged Iron is given a black paint layer. Any traces of wear over time will be minimal.

Raamklink in Verouderd Ijzer - Zwart

Would you like to see our various materials ‘in the flesh’ so you can be sure you’re making the right choice? Come to our showroom in Wommelgem or find the closest distributor in your area.

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