Stephanie Van Mechelen

WoonTheater is an authentic family company with 40 years of experience on the clock. Spurred on by his fondness for old oak, the son of founder Marie, Bart Bajart, decided to go into design. The traditional studio combines authentic craftsmanship with unique pieces and challenging designs. A perfect match with Dauby’s interior fittings!

Curious about this collaboration? We let designer Bart have his say.

What is the vision behind WoonTheater?

At WoonTheater, we work on unique designs. We do not follow the well-trodden paths to standardised furniture but create unique, custom-made pieces from solid materials.

That is why old oak is a permanent fixture in our designs. The aroma that is released when cutting and working the wood, the rough knots and whorls, the rustic look & feel. It is a fabulous product to work with.

We also use reclaimed and salvaged materials which carry a sense of the past.

As well as our traditional studio, we often visit markets to find authentic products that fit into our interior narrative. Finally, we create our own collection every year, from chairs, through cabinets, to wall racks. These can be found in our two showrooms.


What added value can Dauby offer you?

We have been working with Dauby for a few years. As well as the fact that they respond to questions very quickly and are always happy to hear from us, we never fail to find something lovely at Dauby. That is why a few of their models can be found in our showroom.

Dauby’s interior fittings are simple and pure and have an authentic touch. The unique casting process creates unevenness in the fittings and gives each piece its own character and charm. Gorgeous in combination with our robust, tailor-made items!

We love to be inspired by designs from the past. And this is also the case for Dauby. We really value this appreciation of the past.

Which trend will gain in popularity in 2023?

We are set to be challenged by organic forms. A solid wooden shelf that must be bent for your design? This is a tricky technical and design challenge. But that is what drives us.

The trend that we will increasingly see around us will be organic forms made of solid materials.

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