Stephanie Van Mechelen

Curtains are essential for keeping out bright sunshine and nosy neighbours. But curtains also set the tone in your interior. And we’re not just talking about fabric, colour and pattern, we’re also referring to curtain loops, rods, finials and curtain rings.

Curtain loops, rods and other accessories in natural materials

Curtains are vital for both privacy and comfort. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a whole host of curtain types.

This could include

  • Over-curtains;
  • ‘In-betweens’;
  • Transparent curtains;
  • Rolled, folding or pleated curtains.

Your personal taste and the style of your interior will, of course, play an important role in your choice of the right curtains.

There is also an extensive range when it comes to curtain accessories. How about a curtain rod from our Pure® Curtains collection in Aged Iron, White Bronze, Iron or Rust? Ideal for opening and closing your curtains smoothly and adding a special touch to your interior.

The same goes for curtain loops, rod supports, finials and curtain rings. These curtain accessories are also available in the same four authentic materials.

Set the tone with a curtain loop

Finally, curtain loops deserve a mention. These accessories, which are also called curtain hooks or ‘tiebacks’, are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. Choose your curtain loops from the Pure® Curtains collection and make sure you have the best quality in your home. Our accessories in top quality materials add a really stylish touch to your curtains.

Add a stunning curtain rail

It’s not just the curtain loop, but also the curtain rod or rail that make all the difference in your home. Just like curtain loops, curtain rods are available in various finishes. Do you love a modern touch? Then choose curtain rods in White bronze or Aged Iron/Black. Is a rustic or retro home more your thing? Integrate curtain rods in Rust or Iron into your home. We also have curtain rod finials, as set out above, in a unique finish.

Use matching furniture, window handles and door levers in your interior

The best results of all are achieved when your interior has a clear style. So choose your furniture fittings, window handles and door levers in the same materials as your curtain loops and other accessories. The effect will be immediately clear: perfection down to the tiniest details.

Interested in our curtain accessories? Contact us, with no obligation, for more information or find your nearest distributor.


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