Stephanie Van Mechelen

The trend colours of 2023 are making a statement across all the styles: from captivating eclectic to cosy rustic. They create an easy-going atmosphere where you will truly feel at home.

Trend #1: Warm bronze and shades of rust

When it comes to the colour trends for 2023, we are seeing the continuation of particular colours and shades from the past few years.

Warm bronze and rust shades are still important. These represent a warm welcome, harmony, calm and warmth. Gorgeous in combination with other natural materials such as wood and leather.

Trend #2: A range of earthy hues

Elsewhere, terracotta and cognac are still popular. On an entire (accent) wall, or slightly more subtle with a contemporary splash of colour via a carefully curated item.

A range of earthy colours and sandy shades also instantly create a gentle and subdued atmosphere.

These colours radiate warmth and calm and are therefore perfect for a cosy and relaxed interior.

Trend #3: Ton-sur-ton

Another colour trend that links into this is the ‘ton-sur-ton’ trend, which involves working with different shades of the same colour. Ideal for a serene and calming interior. This soft, mellow colour palette is also encompassed within the Bohemian style and is used to create a calming backdrop for natural and organic elements.

Trend #4: Soft pastels

For those who prefer a little more colour, there are also pastel tints. Soft pink and mint green work well anywhere, on an entire wall, as a small eye-catcher, or a piece of furniture.
And, because pastel shades are subdued, they are perfect for the current trend of softer, more ‘zen’ interiors where you can completely relax and unwind.

Tip: The perfect match for these colours of 2023, are Dauby’s golden materials that combine beautifully with sand, brown, rust and even pastel shades. Gold-coloured materials can be found at Dauby in all styles and shapes, so you are sure to find what you’re looking for:

  • The new CDL country collection includes the rustic CDF – models, but with a brass makeover. Ideal for those who dream of a classic, rustic interior with a modern touch. Prefer sleek models? Then the CDL City collection will be more ‘your thing’.
  • Want an authentic look in brass? Then you will love Giara, with products in natural bronze and brass.
  • Looking for golden door and furniture fittings in the swinging Art Deco style? That is the speciality of Fama and Fama Artwork!
  • For a timeless, authentic look, you will find exactly what you are looking for in the finishes Raw Bronze and Raw Bronze Polished from the Pure® collection.

Can’t decide between different materials? Do you need advice about the best interior fittings for your interior? Contact us or pop into our showroom in Wommelgem: we will be delighted to help you.

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