Stephanie Van Mechelen - 25/02/2019 - 25 February 2019

At Dauby, we are proud of our products and the story that they tell. It also fills us with pride to see them showcased in creations designed by our partners and customers, within a shared vision of authenticity, aesthetics and quality.
Let us introduce an amazing collaboration: The English Listed!

Specialised in renovation and interior design for listed, historical buildings, The English Listed is no ordinary client. The team of interior architects focuses on renovation, planning and architecture, prioritising originality and quality, with an eye for detail and natural materials.

The English Listed, partner van Dauby
The English Listed

The manufacturers they work with are selected on the basis of product quality, the craftsmanship within the production process and the excellent customer relationship. As a premium distributor of Dauby products in the UK, The English Listed is also unique to us!

Founded by couple and dream-team Frazer Stannard and Tolly Nason, The English Listed offers the perfect blend of know-how and interior architecture, which results in the ultimate combination of design, renovation and art, with a respect for the historical environment.

Together they won the SCDC Built Heritage Award for their project ‘ The Ark’ in Cambridgeshire for “Contemporary design in an historical setting”. This renovation project is also precisely the type of show-piece for which The English Listed is renowned.

Frazer and Tolly use Dauby as a partner for both their large and small projects because they know that each renovation will receive the dedication and focus it deserves.

This does not just mean the major architectural considerations, but also the details which must harmonise perfectly and create calm in a home. From the door handle that you use ten times a day, to the perfect bathroom accessories. From the appropriate window fittings, to the small handles on the kitchen drawers. These determine whether you feel at home in your own house.

When two businesses find common ground in their love for detail, authenticity and quality, they can create magic together!

With the focus on purity, superior quality and crafted products, the match with our Pure collection was practically written in the stars. Rough Bronze and Rough Metal are subsequently often selected from our range and always fit perfectly into the designs.

This message was translated with the support of Flanders investment & trade