Have you had the same furniture and doors in your home for years and feel it’s high-time that it all had a bit of a makeover? Then why not make the change with new door fittings?

The choice of furniture and door fittings helps to define the style of your home and it’s a great way to show your guests that you’ve thought about every last detail in your interior.

Want to add a bit of extra character to your furniture and doors? Then choose handles in your interior!

Handles are not only stylish, they also offer a range of benefits when it comes to user-ease and the appearance of your home.


An extra dimension for your (front) door.

Whether your home has a wooden front door or an ultra-modern design, that is almost entirely made of glass, if your front door has either vertical or horizontal patterns, a handle will add an extra dimension.

A handle accentuates the existing lines of the front door and, in essence, ‘extends’ these if you choose elongated door fittings.

Do you prefer a robust and playful look? Then you could choose to fit a horizontal handle on your front door with vertical lines or vice versa. This breaks the ‘elongated’ pattern and creates a more whimsical look.

And for those who want to add a touch of personality to their external and also internal doors, handles are the perfect option! Particularly in combination with industrial doors, that have a heavy-duty frame and are made entirely of glass, this will form a trendy but sleek unit.


Increased user-ease in your bathroom

Handles are not only great as door fittings, they also offer huge added value as furniture accessories too. How about a contemporary, modern bathroom that is designed in a minimalistic or muted style; so much so that there’s no visible towel rail.

Installing a horizontal handle in the bathroom enables you to easily resolve this issue and you can let your towel dry on the handle.
This is also the perfect solution if you have a small bathroom and there is no room for a separate towel rail.


Better grip in your kitchen

Finally, handles also form the ‘cherry on the cake’ in your kitchen. They not only create a specific look for your home according to the choice of material, they also offer better grip.

Maybe you’ve just grabbed something from the fridge or freezer and shut the door, but you immediately realise you’ve forgotten something? With a doorknob, you’ll struggle to break the vacuum seal on your fridge or freezer; with a handle, however, it will be easy. A handle has two attachment points and therefore offers a larger surface area to break the vacuum, compared to a doorknob which only has one.

The two attachment points also ensure, in general, that you need less force to open your kitchen devices and this is beneficial in terms of user-ease and durability.


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