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Recycling and upcycling are not just empty words in the world of interiors. We are increasingly turning away from mass-produced items and seeking out sustainable design that really makes a difference. Unparalleled quality and life expectancy? Dauby door fittings are a great example of how sustainability can go hand in hand with design.

Traditional production process

The power of Dauby’s door fittings lies in the authentic production methods and natural materials, combined with today’s stringent quality standards.

Sustainable design is the key characteristic throughout our collection. All of Dauby’s window, door and furniture fittings are manufactured using traditional processes, by craftsmen. Every handle or knob is first cast in sand moulds and then finished meticulously by hand.

As a result, you will end up with a characteristic, slightly grainy texture that gives the products their special look.

Natural materials

This sustainable design can also be found in our warm, natural materials, such as

  • bronze;
  • brass;
  • britannium;
  • wrought iron.

Tip: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that is perfect for a range of modern, interior styles, including rustic and retro designs. Brass is the ideal sustainable material because it is:

  • easy to recycle;
  • resistant to bacteria;
  • suitable for damp spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

In short, it is a material that lasts for a very long time and can easily be reused.

A unique finishing touch: the living finish

Did you know that our carefully selected, natural materials become even more beautiful over the years?

Every product is solid, very high quality and also easy to maintain. So you are guaranteed many years of joy from your window, door or furniture fittings, gradually complemented by the living finish. An ageing process that gives our interior fittings a beautiful patina or colour gradations. Using the material frequently will lead to the oxidation and colour gradations intensifying.

Fully reusable and recyclable

At Dauby, we believe in sustainable design and products that will accompany you through life. Need something else? All our products are fully reusable and recyclable and, in turn, sustainable. Dauby believes in a circular economy and supports a greener future.

Have a question or need more information about our sustainable interior fittings? Contact us: we will be happy to help.

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