With autumn knocking at the door, we tend to return to the tried-and-tested, darker colours in our homes. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a touch of brown or grey in your interior, but how about a few eye-catching, colourful accents too?

Colour in your interior is one of the main trends for this autumn, and Dauby has the ideal door levers, window handles and furniture fittings!

Subtle colours in your interior combined with warm bronze

Autumn 2019 promises to be cosy and warm with the emerging trend of subtle colours and fabrics for your interior.

The following shades are ready and waiting to create a dreamy atmosphere this season:

  • Powder pink
  • Peach
  • Taupe
  • Light green tints.


These colours are not only fantastic on the walls, but also combine really well with accessories made of fabrics such as velour, faux fur or ceramic in the same shades.

Would you like to create a homely and dreamy interior, right down to the smallest details? Choose window handles, door levers and furniture fittings in Raw Bronze or Raw Bronze Polished from Dauby’s Pure or Pure Plus-collection.

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Thanks to the use of natural materials, the elegant design and the traditional casting process, these items provide the perfect supplement to an interior using warm colours or pastel shades.

But maybe you’re not overly keen on colours in your interior or you’d prefer something a little lighter? Don’t panic! This autumn, subdued shades such as vanilla, mint green or delicate greys are also bang on trend.

Just like the warmer colours, these shades perfectly complement natural materials such as rattan and bamboo and the bronze fittings from Dauby.

Existing, earthy colours in your interior combined with white bronze

The natural trend from the summer is hanging around for this season too, i.e. the use of earthy shades and sandy colours in your interior, as well as the presence of rich colours and materials.

Deep colours such as dark green and orange can be retained in your interior; combining these with natural materials such as wood and objects with an African or South American heritage make things even better!

Be aware, when using existing colours and accessories, that you also focus on making sure everything is balanced. Our fittings in White Bronze and Satin White Bronze, for example, offer an elegant look and go really well with bright, existing shades.

Could things be a little sleeker instead of an elegant finish? The black window handles and door levers from Dauby also finish a contemporary look and work well with an extensive colour palette.

Wabi-Sabi: imperfection creates perfection

This season, a luxury feel is not only achieved by opting for subtle or existing colours in your interior. The use of authentic fabrics and materials also plays a major role in the autumn trends for 2019.

This trend is called Wabi-Sabi and focuses on character, small imperfections or hand-made details.

There will be plenty of velvet and rich upholstery materials, as well as textures provided by materials such as terrazzo floors, natural stone and textured or lime-washed walls.


Dauby’s window handles, door levers and furniture fittings are manufactured using a unique casting process and are then finished by hand; this makes them perfectly suited to the Wabi Sabi concept. Every item encompasses characteristic imperfections and a highly desirable authentic look.

Ready for a colourful autumn? At Dauby we have the ideal window handles and door levers for every trend! Want to know which colours and finishes would look great in your interior? Take a look at our online catalogue or ask one of our specialists for advice.

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