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Sliding doors are a popular option for your interior due to their space-saving features and modern appearance. Outside the house, they also give your home an original look and feel. Looking for a suitable sliding door for your home? See the sliding door trends and find out which would perfectly suit your style.

Why are sliding doors gaining popularity?

Sliding doors are more popular than ever. Why? Our living spaces are becoming increasingly multi-functional and sometimes a new interpretation is needed. We are seeing a shift in interior layouts, with the emphasis on being together, warmth and multi-functionality.

The living room is open and often more like an extension of other rooms which are loosely connected by design elements.

A sliding door as external door? Take this into account

Your home’s façade and accessories are an extension of your interior styling indoors. Without compromise.

Glass sliding doors are the favourite when it comes to external doors. They allow the transition between indoors and outdoors to be fluent and nature, in turn, becomes an extension of your interior.

Door fittings for your sliding doors? Check the functionality. If you are buying for an external door, you need door fittings that can take a little wear and tear and put up with the various weather conditions.

The perfect sliding door fittings for indoors and out

For external sliding doors, you should choose lift and slide handles from the Pure® Collection.

Do you need sliding door fittings for your internal sliding doors? Then you will want to apply the same styling across the board with fittings that feel good in your hand. Here, you have a choice between a minimalist sliding door pull or a functional vertical handle. See what fits with your home, interior and personality!

Whatever you are looking for, at Dauby we always have the perfect sliding door fittings. Contact us for customised advice on your interior styling.

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