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The choice of your front door and exterior door fittings sets the tone for the look of your home. It creates the first impression for all your visitors. As well as the fa├žade itself, it is one of the few items you select for your home that are visible to outsiders. In essence, the front door provides a small preview of what visitors can expect to find inside.

The choice of exterior door fittings, however, must take both aesthetics and the important issue of security into account.

Want to find the right exterior door fittings? Our tips will help you choose!

Exterior door fittings: the first impression for visitors

Front door fittings are chosen on the basis of the style of your home, your interior and the front door itself. A modern home requires a modern front doorknob. A square front doorknob would be perfect for this type of home. You could also choose a rounded doorknob. Have you chosen handles for the doors and units in your home? Then maybe a front door handle would be the best choice. This will help to create harmony in your home.

Step-by-step plan to find the right front door fittings

A door handle, a door pull or a doorknob? Which material, which colour? These are questions that have to be answered.

Follow the step-by-step plan below to find the right door fittings!

  • Step 1: Which doors need new door fittings? Your front door will need a different type of fitting than the door to your patio, for example.
  • Step 2: Think long and hard about the style that suits your exterior door, your home and your interior. Do you want a door handle with an antique, retro look? Or do modern door fittings suit your home better? Make a choice that perfectly complements your house.
  • Step 3: Decide on the shape of your door fittings. You can then choose either a door handle or a door pull. But, there are also doorknobs, which can be round or square. Do you want to create an antique look? Then how about a door knocker? This knocker is made in bronze, which creates an authentic look.
  • Step 4: Finally, you must choose the material and colour. If you have modern exterior door fittings, a doorknob in Satin White Bronze would be ideal. Want your door fittings to really stand out? Then try a shiny stainless steel finish. Make sure you consider the material carefully, as this determines the appearance of your door.

Security is the priority with Dauby’s designs

Front door fittings should be beautiful, practical and very secure. The right exterior door fittings offer a genuine deterrent to potential burglars.

Choose robust exterior fittings made of strong materials to optimise the security provided by your door.

You should also protect the door cylinder using a security rose.
This means only the front surface of your cylinder is accessible. The outer rose surrounding the cylinder is mounted from the inside out, making it hard for burglars to reach the cylinder.
Choose a security rose that forms a unit with the exterior door fittings. This will create the perfect combination of design and security.

Choose a doorbell that perfectly complements your front door fittings

Window handles and door levers which harmonise beautifully will add that sought-after finishing touch to your interior.

Want to go a step further? Match your doorbell to your front door and door handles.

Dauby supplies front door fittings as well as doorbells. You just need to choose the style that goes with your home.

The perfect finish for your front door with Dauby

Classic or modern, designer or retro, at Dauby there is every style of front doorknobs, handles, letterbox covers and back plates. Give your front door the finish it deserves. Go to the Dauby online catalogue and make your choice.

Any questions? Contact our experts for more information or specific advice!

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