Stephanie Van Mechelen - 15/07/2018 - 15 July 2018

This country is no stranger to domestic burglary … More so: 2012 was an absolute record year in terms of the number of home burglaries committed. The Federal Police recorded no less than 75,000 offences. The highest figure since 2000! All the more reason to nip the problem in the bud and to invest in secure window fittings to keep unwanted visitors out, right?!

Secure window fittings: do not give burglars the opportunity!

Put yourself in a burglar’s shoes… you want to get in as efficiently and as swiftly as possible, without raising the alarm. So it is no more than logical for you to opt for the easiest way in? That’s right! Most house burglaries still occur through the most visible and easy to reach entrance ways to the home: doors and windows. And the biggest risk areas are always the same: backdoors, sliding windows and ground floor windows. Remember, if it opens, it can be forced!

Which is why it is important to suitably protect your doors and windows and make them forced entry-resistant. The best way to do so is to opt for secure door and window fittings. Alongside exceptionally beautiful design, Dauby puts security first. We hand-pick the best quality raw materials and reinforce our alloys to make attractive yet secure window fittings.

Alongside our secure window fittings, we also offer security rosettes and door bars which don’t give burglars a chance. In doing so, you’re protecting your locks, doors and windows… to see burglars slink off empty-handed!

Dauby: combining security and design

Do security and attractive design go hand in hand? They do at Dauby! In addition to making our window fittings forced entry-resistant, the way we work is steeped in time-honoured craftsmanship which gives our window fittings that typical authentic look. Every window fitting is hand-finished and treated with a special coating that prevents rusting and offers protection. Our modern window fittings collection was designed by some of the biggest names in design, including Philippe Starck and Hannes Wettstein!

If you’re looking to combine security and design in your door and window fittings, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to oblige!

This message was translated with the support of Flanders investment & trade