Dries Vinck

Rustic living means coming home to a house that is bursting with personality. A house so inviting even guests immediately feel at home. The best way to create a home like that for yourself? Cosy furniture and warm colours on the walls are a must, but the real secret is in the details. Retro window fittings and door handles are indispensable to make your country-style home complete. Learn more about Dauby’s retro fittings for rustic living spaces!

Rustic window fittings made of authentic materials

Nothing captures rustic living more than admiring your beautiful garden from a window with retro handles that seem like they’ve been there for a century or more. Dauby’s retro window fittings are made using traditional methods and brand-new materials, yet all handles look wonderfully authentic thanks to high-quality materials like Raw Bronze and Raw Metal.

Fun fact: because all our window fittings are handmade by craftsmen, even intensive use won’t affect their rustic look – with the exception of the gorgeous patina they acquire as time passes.

Rustic living calls for authentic door fittings

Door fittings, too, make all the difference in rustic interiors. The most beautiful hardware for country-style doors is made by hand using massive materials with an authentic vibe. Are your doors painted white? Opt for black door levers made of Aged Iron and enjoy the lovely contrast.

An old-fashioned stable latch

Did you know Dauby still makes old-fashioned stable latches as well? Perfect for your made-to-measure closets or the door leading to the pantry or attic. Door fittings don’t get more rustic than this.

Find your rustic window and door fittings at Dauby

But wait, there’s more! Browse our online catalogue to discover our entire collection of rustic window and door fittings, and feel free to drop by our showroom in Wommelgem. Our interior specialists are happy to help you pick out the very best!

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