Renovating a kitchen is often a full-scale project in which you can no longer see the wood for the trees. But did you know that you can also give your kitchen an upgrade just by changing a few small details?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • change the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets
  • replace your splashback with unique tiles
  • add striking kitchen accessories

So don’t reach straight for the sledgehammers and drills – a few minor changes can make a real transformation!

Think renovating your kitchen is dull? Think again. You can play with metals and finishes that match your interior to quickly create a completely new look!

1. Handles and knobs

As we mentioned above, you don’t need to undertake a complete renovation of your kitchen to give it a new appearance.

You can give your kitchen a fresh new look quite simply by changing the handles and knobs on your kitchen cabinets or simply adding them if there were none before.

For flawless and clean lines on your kitchen cabinets and drawers we advise you to opt for both handles and knobs. Heavy drawers are easier to use with handles, whilst knobs ensure that you don’t leave any dirty finger marks on your cabinets.

Moreover our handles and knobs can withstand the odd knock because they are made entirely of natural materials!

Have a look at the style you want to convey, then choose the type of handles and knobs you want to use to freshen up your kitchen. Do you like rustic, industrial or sleek? At Dauby, we have something for everyone!


Pure Plus VO + PMBU128 VO
Pure Plus VO + PMBU128 VO – Photography Michael Van Oosten

2. Splashback

Another original way of freshening up your kitchen quickly is to fit a new splashback. This will immediately give your kitchen a completely new look.

Splashbacks using our Pure® Tiles-collection are always a hit!

Pure® Tiles from Dauby are a unique collection of metal tiles with a completely unique authentic look. The characteristic look is obtained due to the traditional methods used to make the tiles, following a centuries-old process. The rough form is created thanks to the sand moulds in which they are cast, which is then refined by hand.

The metal and bronze tiles exude luxury and are perfect within an industrial kitchen design or sleek, rustic interiors.

The tiles in the Pure® collection are available in six versions and two formats:

Versions: White Bronze, Matt White Bronze, Raw Bronze, Raw Polished Bronze, Raw Metal, Aged Iron

Formats: square (10×10 cm) or rectangular (10×20 cm)

The Pure® Tiles collection is also simple to install and maintain and you can easily do it yourself.


3. Kitchen accessories

Are you looking for beautiful everyday objects to add the finishing touch to the quick renovation of your kitchen? Then our kitchen accessories in the Pure® Plus-collection are just what you need.

This collection comprises a series of luxury bathroom and kitchen accessories in precious metals to give your kitchen a classy look.

The range includes:

  • towel hooks
  • towel rails
  • kitchen roll holders
  • towel rings

Handdoekhouder rond met haken in VO

Every one of these is made using traditional methods to give an authentic look with guaranteed quality.

Rustic, sleek, timeless or industrial? The Pure® Plus collection is just what you need to give your kitchen that extra pizazz!

Have you ever considered freshening up your kitchen with small stylistic changes? At Dauby we are happy to help, either in our showroom or online at!

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