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Planning to give your interior a complete makeover? Don´t forget your interior doors. If they no longer match the new decor, just apply a lick of paint and they’ll look like new. Discover our tips!

Time for a new look

Is your interior due for a makeover? New furniture immediately gives your home a different look. But the details also play a very big role. For example, the curtains, floor and accessories are important, but the interior doors also help define the impact of your interior. Combine your new modern interior with your old, antique doors? The image produced will be discordant. Naturally, you can install entirely new interior doors. But if you´d like to save on costs, you can refurbish your interior door instead.

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How to refurbish doors

So roll up your sleeves and unleash that primal handyman lurking inside you. First of all, spread newspaper under the door to protect the floor and immobilize the door in a half-open position. Protect yourself with gloves, a dust mask and safety goggles, and open a window. Sand the entire surface of the door. Do you note any irregularities? Then work them away using filler. After that, apply a coat of primer to your door. Once that has dried, apply another two coats of enamel paint. Let each coat dry fully, and always paint with the grain of the wood. Work carefully if there’s a glass window embedded in your doors (use protective tape). Naturally, you can replace this glass as well.

And don´t forget the fittings . . .

Is your work done? Then your doors are sure to look like new again. But that might not be the case for your door handles and locks, so your best move is to choose new door fittings for your interior doors. A modern interior with modern doors and modern door fittings ? All the details are in harmony. You haven´t done a halfway job and instead you positively draw attention to your doors. So all your hard work gets the reward it deserves.

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