Stephanie Van Mechelen - 11/07/2018 - 11 July 2018

Living in a former factory, warehouse or shed has become quite common these past few years. In fact, renovating an industrial building to turn it into a cozy home is all the rage now. Yet such an industrial style would not be complete without door, window and furniture handles to match. Our tip: you can’t go wrong with Raw Metal

PQ-RM industrial design Dauby.

Bold and robust

A loft in a building that used to be filled with the clang of machinery: the idea appeals to many. Such a home is not only synonymous with space and comfort; it has a story to tell as well. After all, a lot of the remaining design elements bear silent witness to the glorious past of that particular space. This means that raw building materials and mechanical details should not be covered up, but should rather become part and parcel of the new interior, creating a bold and robust look.

Shapes and colors: functionality is key

An industrial look is all about rough and raw styles, but functionality is also key. When it comes to furniture, ‘huge’ and ‘simple’ are the magic words – think a large wooden table with sturdy metal legs – while frills are an absolute no-go. When decorating your industrial-style home, ‘less is more’ should be your motto, as well as ‘form follows function’.

It’s also best not to go ‘all out’ in terms of color. Black, white and grey are a perfect choice, but those who prefer a dash of color can opt for primary colors like yellow, red or blue as well.

industrial design Dauby

Raw Metal for accessories and handles

To make your industrial style a success, you need to extend it to the smallest details. Raw Metal (RM) is an absolute must in this respect. How about espagnolette bolts in RM for your windows or your closets? Take the PH 1928 model, for instance, which was influenced by a Wilhelm Wagenfeld design. Wagenfeld, an important member of the Bauhaus academy, also inspired other Raw Metal items in the PH 1928 series, like a door handle (link), a door knob, a window handle (link) and a security window handle (link).

Need more examples? The Pure Plus hanger (link) is another classic that will take you right back to the kitchen or refectory of an old factory.

We obviously have even more Raw Metal accessories and handles in store for you. Take a look at our catalogue (link) and get inspired!

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