Pure®Plus Q

Over the past few months, we have been working hard on expanding the Pure® Plus collection, particularly the Pure® Plus Q-line.

Pure® Plus Q offers the same traditional manufacturing methods as the Pure® Plus products but with an emphasis on accentuation, and the use of sleek lines and design.

This is also reflected in the end supports, which have an exclusively square finish and are therefore the perfect supplement to kitchens or bathrooms with a robust look.

The linear finish makes Pure® Plus Q the ideal complement to the already well-known Pure® Plus, and the development will enable people with a preference for timeless and industrial design, as well as those who opt for a sleek and robust look, to find what they are looking for within the collection.

The new Pure® Plus Q collection is available in the same finishes as the existing Pure® Plus range, i.e.

  • White Bronze (WB)
  • Aged Iron (VO)
  • Rough Metal (RM)
  • Rough Bronze (RB)
  • Matte White Bronze (WBS)


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The Pure® Curtains range is expanding too

A pots and pans/meat hook has also been added to the Pure® Curtains range. These enable you to display your pots and pans prominently in your kitchen.

Handy if you have a smaller kitchen, but also if you like order or simply want to add a touch of character to your kitchen!

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