You don’t need to look far in the Limburg town of Lommel for extensive customisation and authentic professionalism.

Lommers Meubelen collects the best of Belgian interior design for aficionados in its new showroom. Dauby is pleased to have supplied a number of timeless handles to complete the project.

It is the crowning glory of a collaboration that looks both back to a long history and forward to the future.

Lommers meubelen

2 brothers, 1 mission: to design a complete package of interiors, entirely custom-made at the client’s request. What began with designing large wooden boxes quickly grew into complete projects in which Messrs Lommers and Lommers designed kitchen interiors and cabinets, right down to the lighting.

They focus primarily on sleek, timeless interiors and support their clients from the very beginning with advice and custom designs, right through to the manufacture and installation by their own specialists.

Their aim is to create original, deluxe interiors for people looking for that little bit extra. They have a proven track record with 20 major projects a year for private individuals

and a year ago they opened a new showroom comprising 2000m² of inspiration for potential clients. It is less a catalogue and more a 3D impression of outstanding past projects, samples, and possibilities. You can expect lots of lighting, concrete floors, and expanses of glass.

The brothers draw inspiration mostly from books and fairs and, above all, by being observant of the world around them. The result is always original, and no ready-made, run-of-the-mill interior. This gives them great freedom to control all the elements in an interior, and to finish them according to the desired style.

So, an ideal partner for Dauby furniture fittings!

Dauby furniture fittings

The collaboration with Dauby goes back several years. After all, for Lommers Meubelen, furniture fittings are more than a mere detail. They are the first thing you see when you open a door or a drawer, so they are at least as important as the choice of wood.

The right handle or knob is the keystone to the finish and sets off the whole. At Lommers Meubelen they therefore invariably opt for authenticity and honest, full handles.

The Pure© line in particular, with its sleek and modern shapes, is frequently used in Philip and Co.’s interiors.

The furniture in the new showroom mostly uses the PMSP and PQ models in Raw Metal, Raw Bronze, and Black.

In the kitchen, the small doors and large drawers are fitted with the sleek lines of PML32-64-96-700 in Raw Bronze. The choice of materials determines the style of the handle:

  • Bronze for a modern style
  • Aged Iron for a rustic style
  • Raw Metal for a more industrial look

On the same page

After collaborating for over 10 years, the partnership seems to be a natural one. The two companies are seamlessly aligned and are an extension of one another, as it were. The words that come to mind when you wonder why Lommers Meubelen looks to Dauby:

  • quality
  • artisan
  • sleek
  • timeless

Did someone say seamless?

The future holds great things for Lommers Interieur: they want to expand the custom work that is their hallmark and put even more of their own stamp on the design of their own kitchen interiors, chairs, benches, and carpet lines. It goes without saying that they will continue to collaborate with Dauby.

They describe themselves as original, artisan, and authentic and Dauby fits like a glove.

Might we offer a final interior tip as we head into 2020? Black door levers are here to stay, as their timeless quality fits with any interior. Another up-and-coming trend is bronze and brass furniture fittings, which go together very well with dark furniture and light interiors.”

Are you tempted by a new, sleek, custom-made interior? Or are you keen to find out more about the collaboration between Lommers Meubelen and Dauby? Then be sure to take a look at the new showroom and check out and for a taster before you go!

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