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A trendy residence as an extension of its natural environment with huge spaces. A high degree of comfort and privacy, a pitched roof and plasticity in the brick-work combine with the surprising interior detailing. Add to this the practical and sheltered garden and you have all the ingredients of a luxurious home. During the driest summer ever recorded, the road progressed through a watery, leafy area of South Holland to the last residence in the cul de sac. A luxurious, sustainable and stage of life-proof new-build residence in 1930s style has emerged from the greenery.


Balanced interior

The front of the garden offers an open character with respect to the home. A partition using secure steel fencing is located on both sides of the house. The spacious entrance and double front-doors provide access to a roomy entrance area. A competition was held for the interior design; it was won by Marco van Leeuwen from Atelier op Zolder. His use of rustic materials and a warm, robust look, along with close collaboration with the architect and client, led to unity in terms of atmosphere, lines and colour which connects indoors with outdoors. 

About Atelier op Zolder

Robust, warm interiors with a personal touch from the client are the specific characteristics of Atelier op Zolder projects. The Brabant-based company, in collaboration with Van der Padt & Partners Architecten were able to design a stunning interior for this house. An interior that exactly matches the client’s requirements.
Atelier op Zolder designed the entire interior plan, from setting out the spaces to the styling, colours and materials. While it was all implemented by external parties, Atelier op Zolder provided advice throughout. The home is a complete new-build, but the interior looks lived-in. This was also the aim of Atelier op Zolder.

“We work exclusively with natural, robust materials such as old wood. This creates a certain character, an appearance that is completely timeless and which can withstand the tests of time”, says owner Marco van Leeuwen.


Van der Padt Architecten wins the competition

“It had to be a robust, sustainable residence with a great level of privacy for our family, with three children”, explains the man of the house. A design competition was set up and the couple decided to choose a designer, individually, from those working with the selected architects. ‘There was a unanimous decision to opt for Van der Padt & Partners, as the best of the bunch, with sketches that completely matched our home dreams”, explains the owner enthusiastically. “The sense of collaboration, their eye for detail and the fact that Van der Padt could oversee the entire building process with its partners, was the deciding factor.”

Home from the prairie

Arno van der Padt is an architect with a design team that likes to unite the past with its passion for innovation. His idea for the design of this luxurious residence came from a book by Frank Lloyd Wright that features a ‘prairie house’, which provided the inspiration. Arno applied this to the architectural principles and his own approach. The result? Unpredictable and simultaneously harmonious spaces in which the residents feel perfectly at home. And now, they can start to really enjoy it.

In the centre of the house, you will find the cosy, raised living area with an open fire, that is partially screened off by a robust artwork made of cobbles.



The entire house sits atop a cellar which offers a huge multifunctional space comprising a gym, wine cellar and home entertainment area. The dormer window provides light. The sustainable home has a technical area that is fitted with balanced ventilation units and a heat pump installation that heats in the winter and cools in the summer.

In collaboration with Van der Padt Architecten and Atelier op Zolder

Photography: Jaro van Meerten, The Art of Living magazine

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