A renovation with emotion, a style evolution and all with authentic fittings by Dauby. An update from Valerie!

After a renovation lasting eight months, blogger and influencer Valerie Brems moved to the other side of her street, to her original family home. Built entirely by her father, the house has huge emotional value for her and this was a specific focus during the work.

Voordeurbeslag bij Valerie Brems in Verouderd Ijzer - zwart

Renovation project

If we do something, we want to do it properly, thought Valerie, and she stripped out the whole house. The internal walls also had to come out, and even the screed had to be removed for new underfloor heating. Everything, in fact, except the garage. Small project.

“We made everything more contemporary by creating large glazed areas, but also made sure the authentic elements were retained. For example, there were a lot of archways in the original design and we then added a few of our own.”

Style evolution

When it comes to styling in the new house, Valerie didn’t have to think for long. “We wanted to go for a contemporary styling and atmosphere and extend this through all the rooms in the house. I see this as a genuine style evolution, resulting in an interior that is somewhat calmer than before. Maybe the two children and the corresponding ‘mess’ had something to do with it”, she laughs.


portret van Valerie Brems

The interior after the renovation had to offer greater calm and simplicity, even though Valerie included a range of elements from the previous incarnation. “The lamps and statement pieces that I had already collected were included in the interior plans at an early stage. Sometimes, rooms were even adapted to the lighting that I wanted. All my vintage treasures have been given a place that really showcases them well!”

But, the children are happy too, with their updated play kitchen and the playhouse built by Valerie and her husband.

I want to know how Valerie keeps the house so tidy and stylish with two children. “We wanted as much openness as the last house, but also practical locations for storing toys and less aesthetically pleasing items. So we have a playroom upstairs and the children choose something each morning that they can bring down.”

Aha, taking notes!

Door and window fittings by Dauby

For the window handles and door levers Valerie once again chose authenticity, entirely in line with the spirit of the renovations. “Our experience with Dauby fittings in the last house was fantastic! Super quality and really beautiful design. I received lots of questions via my social media channels about our windows, doors and the various fittings we used. People wanted advice about combinations.”

“In the last house, we used Raw Bronze Polished for the fittings, to add a touch of Parisian chic-to the styling. This time, we chose black fittings because we were combining anthracite aluminium windows with darker, wood-coloured windows and doors. This creates a somewhat calmer effect.

We chose Dauby again because the style and quality of the fittings was just what we were looking for, but also because of the Belgian design and sustainability. In our new house, for example, we ‘recycled’ the same door handles for the internal doors. As far as we’re concerned, Dauby offers the perfect combination!”

Her favourite fittings after the renovation are the door handles on the garden doors; it’s clear that happiness lies in the small things. And are there any more creative projects in the pipeline?
“Not at the moment. But things can change at a moment’s notice!”

We’ll keep an eye on you Valerie!

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