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What do you get when you combine the purest vision of interior architecture with design and a passion for rustic materials?

…A stunning interior and house project and a unique marriage between authentic and modern!

Project “Mon désir”

Inspired by the ‘art de vivre’ of the Japanese Wabi Sabi world view, photographer Serge Anton has designed a genuine gem in the Ardennes forests. He has transformed an old family home into a stunning retreat made of robust, recycled materials, artefacts from far-flung travels, designer objects and items that really accentuate the authenticity of the building.

Materials such as poured concrete give the rooms a solid, robust and modern look while, by contrast, the reclaimed, rough wood emphasises the transient beauty.

The style choice and objects selected for this home have not just been thrown together; they are entirely in line with Wabi Sabi’s philosophy: in harmony with nature, rustic accents and perfection in imperfection.

Fotograaf Serge Anton
Serge Anton

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a trend based on ancient Japanese philosophy that has taken the world of interiors by storm in the past few years. Here, the focus lies on imperfections in the home, such as unfinished brick walls or blemishes on door or furniture knobs.

Simplicity is central, as is a ‘oneness’ with nature and the beauty of older houses. Wabi Sabi is also a trend that brings calm to your interior and strives to realise this balance using authentic materials and products.

Other methods for integrating Wabi Sabi in your interior include the use of reclaimed wooden flooring, old terracotta tiles, traditional Burgundy flagstones, recycled roof tiles or antique fireplaces. All of these architectural elements sit perfectly within a contemporary or timeless interior.


Serge Anton – natural materials

Wabi Sabi at Dauby

This vision is music to Dauby’s ears, with natural materials and a traditional production process as its trademark. The fact that our furniture fittings are crafted by hand and cast in sand moulds gives them a grainy surface with the odd small imperfection, here and there.

Our natural materials are also known for their living finish: the older the fitting gets, the more intense the colour variations and the more beautiful the result!

Dauby products

The product that Serge used in the kitchen is the Dauby furniture handle PMT rough bronze (RB 128 mm). This model is our own design, from the Pure® collection, inspired by the ‘Chemin de Fer’ model, but in a sleek version. The unique design makes the handle appear to float on the feet. It is also available as a furniture knob.


Furniture handle PMT in Raw Bronze (RB) 128mm

The PFL-30 rough bronze (RB) furniture knobs were used in the bathroom. This model is also one of our own Pure® designs. This form looks a little like an owl and adds a fanciful yet sleek touch to the furniture. This furniture knob is available in two sizes, (PFL27 – PFL30). 


Stuk meubelknop PFL-30 in Ruw Brons (RB)
Furniture knob PFL-30 in Raw Bronze (RB)

Both handles are Belgian Design, especially created for Dauby’s Pure® collection


In collaboration with Serge Anton

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