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The renovation of the magnificent Stock Exchange in Antwerp.

The Stock Exchange in Antwerp is steeped in history. The renovation of the site was meticulous, down to the smallest details, in order to retain the building’s authenticity as effectively as possible.

In the past, the neo-Gothic Stock Exchange has functioned as the city library, Academy for Fine Arts and, later, as a concert hall and exhibition centre. Now, after a year of closure and renovation, this stunning location will become an events venue.

The historic nature of this architectural gem will be further emphasised by the unique window and door fittings from Dauby and the customisation by Denys.

Renovatie handelsbeurs Antwerpen

Historical fittings for an authentic interior.

When it came to the hundreds of windows and doors at the location, Denys approached Dauby. Dauby produces exclusively authentic fittings and was the obvious choice for the renovation of the Stock Exchange in Antwerp. They give the building that extra cachet and uniqueness.

Dauby supplied the espagnolettes for over 300 windows. Because the windows were identical, a significant amount of customisation was required. Together with Denys, everything was carefully measured, taking all of the technical specifications into account. The handles of the espagnolettes are the same, however the length of the rods and width and thickness of the push-plates and stops are different.

Interesting detail: at Denys’ request, the espagnolettes were supplied in a white finish. This is not part of the standard collection but was custom-made to fulfil Denys’ style requirements. From a genuine showpiece, to a superb piece of customisation!

As well as the espagnolettes, Dauby also had to supply the window fittings for the small towers and the fittings for a few doors.

The PHTL”T+L”- door lever exudes history. The sleek, but simultaneously fanciful shape adds an eye-catching touch.

Deurklink BECDF in Verouderd Ijzer Zwart - Handelsbeurs Antwerpen

Another fitting which can be found in the classy interior of the Stock Exchange is the BECDF “T+T” lever. This historical model was inspired by the Chemin de Fer model which first made an impact in the luxurious Orient Express. This so-called railway lever can be found in the Pure® collection. The updated version by Dauby radiates both strength and elegance all at the same time.

Aged Iron was the finish chosen for these window handles and door levers. This material is:

  • maintenance-free;
  • rust-free;
  • extremely durable.

A bridge between tradition and high tech.

The Stock Exchange in Antwerp was renovated by Denys, a prestigious name in the renovation of historical sites and complex building projects.

Denys is an expert with respect to customisation and cabinetwork in authentic, characteristic buildings. The company works exclusively with highly qualified professionals and has a deep-rooted passion for the restoration of historically important heritage sites.

The renovations and restorations by Denys are completed with the greatest respect for the authentic character of the buildings and are a fabulous blend of tradition and innovative, hyper-modern technologies.

With a meticulous finish

Denys and Dauby have worked together previously on the renovation of historical gems.

The retro fittings from Dauby are perfect in historical locations and merely add to the sense of history. Customisation is the vital factor in the restoration of this type of location. If necessary, the fittings can be entirely customised so that they can be fitted to the original elements. Just like the aforementioned espagnolettes.

The authentic nature of the window handles and door levers from Dauby relies on the following factors:

The use of characteristic, natural materials;
the unique casting process in sand moulds which adds an authentic, raw finish to the fittings;
the use of historical models but with a modern twist.

Are you impressed with the renovation of the Antwerp Stock Exchange? Discover our other projects and be inspired! Want to work with Dauby too? Contact us for more information or find your nearest distributor.

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