At Dauby, we are delighted to work with partners who share our philosophy and are proud to provide the 'cherry on the cake’ for their projects.

Martens & Dochters is headed up by Marjon, an enthusiastic interior stylist who developed a love for hand-made and authentic kitchens at an early age thanks to her father’s influence. There was a time they ran the business together but Marjon has had her hand on the tiller since 2012, with technical assistance from her husband.

Their philosophy is simple: a personalised approach to a made-to-measure kitchen, with a view to creating a 100% perfect overall picture. From design and advice, right through to producing hand-made kitchens on a small scale, Marjon does it all.

The personal approach of Martens & Dochters

The personal approach is all about familiarising yourself with the people, materials and the era of the house (art deco, art nouveau, etc.) and working on this basis. A wholly personalised look is created with the customers, with respect for the old, original elements. The kitchens are adjusted to the style of the home but also with a nod to contemporary styling. This offers an originality that you will not find elsewhere.

People who knock on the door of Martens & Dochters for a new-build project can expect a combination of new and old materials, to create a contemporary style and give the home a genuine personality.

Sometimes, the team at Martens & Dochters goes even further and gets involved in the design of the rest of the house too. During a recent project, the utility room, bathroom furniture and WC furniture were also designed by Marjon.

In what was originally an old farmhouse and barn which had been owned by the family for decades, the owners opted for a creative renovation while respecting the original features. In the utility room, they wanted a real pop of colour while the kitchen features a robust, oak island with a coffee corner at the end. The real eye-catcher, however, is a huge Aga to ensure that cooking for a large family is both feasible and stylish.

Passion for authenticity

What makes Martens & Dochters so unique is their passion for authenticity and details, the focus on a hand-made kitchen and the close collaboration with the customer.

Marjon loves working with solid wood unit fronts, preferably hand painted, and with natural stone which will reflect the natural signs of wear over the years. The firm also enjoys working with beautiful hobs, including the Aga and Lacanche which are perfect for Marjon’s style and of the very best quality.


The click with Dauby

This passion for authenticity, craftsmanship and quality automatically led Martens & Dochters to Dauby’s door. Other suppliers of fittings, hinges and locks sometimes lacked a particular knob or pull but Marjon has always been able to find ‘her thing’ at Dauby. Because all the products can be finished to specific colours and finishes, the most suitable door handle or matching doorbell is easy to source.

Dauby’s personal approach is very much appreciated by Martens & Dochters too; there is excellent contact with the representative, and Dauby sometimes goes out on location with Marjon to identify the missing piece of the puzzle.

For Marjon, Dauby can be summed up in three words: tasteful, cooperative and innovative. Her favourite Dauby products depend on the type of home but in the robust category, her preferred item is the PMC in Raw Metal and, as a fantastic classic piece, Marjon chooses the round knobs PT-25 in VO or Raw Bronze.

Need further information about our authentic window, door and furniture fittings? Or have a question for the Dauby team? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!


At Dauby, we hope we can work on many other great projects together in the future!

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