From old to new

Domus Aurea completely redesigned the old house and then stripped it out and rebuilt it in just six months. The house in Schilde dated from the beginning of the 1990s. The layout was a little outdated. The style was classic but they longed for a warmer, modern look. Relocating seemed to be the obvious solution: get rid of the house and start over in the same area. But where could you find a plot with such a fantastic location? The house was situated in a quiet cul-de-sac, perfectly oriented, with a view of the surrounding countryside. You don’t just give that up!

The kitchen comprises a sculptured island with integrated wine chiller and a large wall-unit with integrated cooking zone. On the same surface as the unit, there is a pivot-door to the utility room. The combination of smoked oak with a colourless, matte varnish and Fior Bi Boscor marble creates a beautifully elegant look & feel.

The furniture handles are from the Fama collection (PM1574 in Dark Bronze). 


In collaboration with Domus Aurea & Sphere Concepts

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