A harmonious, sleek and rustic kitchen

In this impressive interior, Derk succeeded in creating stunning harmony between sleek and rustic styling. The furniture pulls and door fittings in the sleek, rustic kitchen are supplied by Dauby and provide genuine added value to the look.

The Art Deco furniture pulls in the kitchen reflect the rustic aspect while the modern door fittings add a sleek finishing touch to the overall look & feel.

A sleek, rustic kitchen using warm, tactile materials.

These warm materials, such as the stone floor, the Belgian bluestone worktop and the bronze furniture pulls add a soft, rustic feel to the interior. The grey shades, which set the tone in the interior, offer the perfect colour palette for adding a sleek touch to the project. And, as you see, both styles are beautifully complementary.

The PM1470 furniture pulls in Dark Bronze (DB) in this sleek, rustic kitchen come from the Fama® collection. The warm, natural bronze will develop a patina over time and, in turn, become more beautiful the more it is used.

The robust PMAF door pull in Raw Metal (RM) from the Pure® collection is a genuine eye-catcher and lies easily in the hand.

Make your sleek, rustic kitchen really stand out with Derk

Derk are experienced interior designers who specialise in traditionally made, highly customised kitchens. Every unique item is manufactured in their own workshop.

The client’s personality is interwoven into each project, along with the home itself, which guarantees authenticity and individuality. The slogan ‘Derk designs, you inspire’ sums up precisely how effective communication ensures a dream interior. No two interiors are the same!

Looking for a unique, sleek and rustic kitchen with a little ‘va va voom’? Derk would be happy to help design and create the heart of your home.

The perfect finishing touch for a sleek, rustic kitchen

Dauby supplies exclusive window, furniture and door fittings, all of which are unique. This is down to the various features and processes specific to the creation of Dauby fittings.

Dauby fittings are:

The casting process creates small imperfections in the fittings and gives each item its own, unique character.

The use of natural materials, such as bronze, also means that the fittings become even more beautiful over time. The natural oxidation process adds a living finish to the materials.

En collaboration avec Derk

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