We head to the Belgian seaside, where two sisters take us on a tour of their restyled apartments with a sea view.  They clearly have different tastes, and it shows. But that is how it should be. One prefers a simple, cosy design, while the other created a sleek, cosy nest for herself.

A peaceful break in the waves 

The first North Sea apartment where we stop in has a timeless, sleek design and is a perfect example of how a pared-down style can also feel cosy. The door and window fittings were supplied by Dauby, the Den Stal team produced the custom joinery and the interior architect Bart de Beule ensured a seamless flow from the surf on the beach to the apartment’s interior.  Here you can enjoy the dependable swell of peace and quiet…


Simple but lived in

The second apartment is just a stone’s throw away. Here the look and feel of the interior is slightly more rustic, because Den Stal used 100-year old oak for the bespoke joinery. The sand-cast Dauby door and window fittings in aged iron look just right in this cosy interior.  The black coating is extremely resistant and the patina will only look more authentic as time goes by.


A practical make-over

Here too Bart de Beule added a breath of fresh air, giving the home an astonishing make-over. He has succeeded in creating a distinctive look and feel, as well as a very practical layout. The kitchen forms an island, without compromising the living room space and he has designed a dining corner that can accommodate the family and guests that drop by.

Joiner/all-round designer

Mark, Chantal and their son Glen are the driving force behind Den Stal, which supplies joinery and bespoke furniture. Tim and Paul are the other team members. The workshop in Stekene can supply everything from doors to cabinets and tables. Their expert craftsmanship is simply astonishing.


A spectacular renovation

This was quite the renovation project! The kitchen was opened up and the guest room expanded. The designer designed a room for the grandchildren, with its own shower room. He also added large windows with a sea view.  On sunny days, they slide open completely but you still feel as if you can touch the sea when they are closed.

An intricate puzzle, with an ingenious solution

The apartment originally had four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The interior architect maintained the number of rooms, but spent a lot of time puzzling over the layout, so he could add a bathroom or shower room for each bedroom. Also worth mentioning: he has created adapted sanitary facilities for people with disabilities.


Out of the box

These two successful renovations are the result of a close collaboration between the occupants, the interior designer and the contractors. Or how something old can be transformed into something brand-new. While both apartments are good examples of stylish homes, their look and feel as well as the layout are completely different, proving that Bart de Beule has no problem thinking out of the box.

In collaboration with Patrick Retour, Bart de Beule & Den Stal 

Photography: Mich Verbelen 

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