Noir Ébène: traditional French villa gets modern look and feel.

From a small, family-run business to leading lights in the world of home interiors? Yes you can! Noir Ébène are a team of designers and wood workers headed up by Pierpaolo and Gian Battista, who have elevated custom-built solutions and personalisation to an art form.

Years of experience have made Noir Ébène’s designers real experts in the sublimation or reinvention of spaces by lending them a particularly quirky, unique character. In doing so, they combine their technical as well as artistic skills whilst putting their creativity at the service of the customer.

Noir Ébène’s total package includes guidance from start to finish. From project launch to project finalisation, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are benefiting from high-level expertise and know-how.

A hybrid form of a classic and a modern home interior

For this project, a French villa was given a contemporary adaptation in a hybrid style that hovers between contemporary and classic. Points in case being design features in a more traditional, cottage style home interior. The upshot is a modern, sleek interior design, involving fully bespoke creations that are seamlessly in keeping with the classic villa. Only solid woods such as maple and oak were used, combined with natural stone.

For the kitchen, the designer sought to strike the right balance by combining the property’s existing classic elements with the new sections.

The colour of the furniture pieces chosen, the fact that no upper cupboards have been fitted and the fact that the same colour used on the walls was used for the roofing were deliberate choices.
The herring-bone parquet, the high ceilings, the ceiling beams and large bay window complete the resulting aspect of the custom-made kitchen. Even though the project was started from scratch, the end result is perfectly in keeping with the style of this character home.

Dauby as go-to partner

For all their projects, the Noir Ébène team are sticklers when it comes to keeping a very keen eye on the details. After all, as Pierpaolo comments, a successful project leaves nothing to chance. The success is in the combination of small details. A motto that is music to Dauby’s ears! After all, what is a home interior without due attention going out to matching window, door and furniture fittings?

Since Noir Ébène got under way in 2014, they have consistently called on partners and businesses that provide quality handcrafted products. This ties in with their vision and the quality they are eager to deliver with their projects. In Dauby’s products, they can feel the same love of the trade and expertise. Especially as all of their projects ooze an unmistakably artisan vibe which reflects the handicraft of their furniture makers. Dauby products lend the finishing touch to the custom-made furniture pieces, which invariably allow for personalisation in the various finishes on offer.

Moreover, Dauby is a Belgian company that uses high quality materials that are a great match with natural materials. Widely used Dauby knobs and handles are those seen in the Giara collection, which also represent tradition, craft and quality.

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